5-Minute Hairstyles You Can Put Together When You're Running Late

No reason to look sloppy today, Candy Girls!
by Janelle Yau   |  Nov 10, 2016
Art: Clare Magno
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While sleeping in does wonders for your mood and body, sleeping through your alarm can be nerve-wracking especially if you have an 8 AM class that you need to attend. If you've got the basics locked down, then your school uniform for the day shouldn't be a problem when you're running late. Your hair game, on the other hand, is a different story. To make sure that you're able to ace both the fashion and hair departments with a breeze, we're sharing with you easy hairstyles you can put together in five minutes, or even less!

The hair twist is an age-old 'do that never fails to jazz up your tresses in a snap. Up the ante of this classic hairstyle by adding a fishtail braid to the equation. Don't worry if some of your hair strands fall out because the messier the 'do is, the better and edger it will be!


Instead of trying to tame your fiery waves, embrace them instead for an ultra-chic 'do that won't take up too much of your time, too! Just add a single braid on the side of your ear and keep the rest of your mane wild and wavy for an instant boho-inspired hairstyle we're sure even boho queen Vanessa Hudgens would approve of.

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Messy knotted hairstyles may be your go-to 'do for a lazy day at home, but you can count on them for an effortlessly chic 'do for school, or a hangout, too! Throw your hair up in a half style, and instead of keeping it sleek, embrace the tangles and add a messy knot for a strong hair game.

Slept through your alarm, and have no time to shower? Don't stress, Candy Girls, because you can still make it to your class in style! Embrace your bed head texture, make a side braid, and throw your hair up in a mid-ponytail for an easy, but chic hairstyle.


For a girly hairstyle for the day that won't take too much of your time to create, tie your hair into a loose half pony, and create a loose braid to add some oomph to your 'do.

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