5 Hair Ideas You Can Wear in School

And what you need to keep your hair strong despite the many hairstyles!
5 Hair Ideas You Can Wear in School

Want to be a #Standout with your strong hair game but don't have too much time in the morning? We've got you covered! Below are 5 easy-to-do hairstyles perfect for busy college girls like you:

1. Twisted hair

Just part your tresses in the middle and roll the side hair away to form a tight twist. You can also braid each side. Pin the ends and leave the rest loose or put it up in a bun. 

2. Fishtail braid

Don't worry, it isn't as complicated as it sounds. Begin by dividing your hair into two sections. Take a few strands from the outside edge of the first section and bring it over to the inside of the second section. Do the same from the second section to the first one. Just keep going until you reach the end.

3. Wavy

If you don't have time to use a curling iron, just braid your hair or put it up in a bun while it's still damp. You could also press a flat iron down each braid or blow dry your bun to help set the waves in place.

4. Space buns

Feeling a bit edgy? Just part your hair from your forehead to nape, twist up, and secure with a tie.

5. Sleek and straight

Another foolproof idea is to just let your hair hang loose. If you're going to use a flat iron, make sure your hair is fully dry. Just apply serum afterwards to smooth over the stubborn frizz.

There are countless ways to wear your hair in school, but constant ironing, curling, and styling could take its toll on your tresses. Good thing repairing and keeping your locks strong is easy with Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo and Pantene Hair Fall Control 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner. With PRO-V formula that strengthens your hair from root to tip, Pantene makes your hair so strong, it's practically unbreakable. You can feel free to style your hair everyday without worrying about the damage. Yup, definitely a must-have for all Candy Girls who love experimenting with their hair!

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