5 Easy Skin Care Changes for Clearer Skin

It's never too late to update your New Year’s resolutions list!
5 Easy Skin Care Changes for Clearer Skin

Besides sticking to an effective skin care routine, there are other things you can include in your list of 2017 resolutions for a healthy complexion. Simple practices like regularly cleaning your makeup brushes can go a long way and are actually just as important as properly cleansing your face! Below, we've listed down five skin care habits you need to pick up to help you achieve the flawless skin you've always wanted.

  1. Change your sheets at least once a week.

    Even if you wash your face before hitting the sack, oil and dirt can still accumulate on your pillowcases and other beddings over time. See that red bump on your cheek? It's probably caused by this! Make it a habit to change your sheets every week to save yourself from getting these blemishes.

  2. Wash your makeup brushes weekly.

    Just like your pillowcases, your makeup brushes also collect dirt and bacteria, especially when left out in the open. This is a major recipe for breakouts, so it's important to clean them on a weekly basis and store them well. You won't only see the difference in your skin, but in the application of your makeup, too!

  3. Drink plenty of water.

    It's no secret that gulping down enough water every day can do wonders. To help you stay refreshed and hydrated, always make sure that you carry a bottle of water around with you. Your skin (and your body) will definitely thank you for it!

  4. Take your vitamins.

    Supplements like Vitamin C offer great benefits to your skin as they help in replenishing and repairing vital skin tissues. Healthy skin should be addressed from inside out, so include taking vitamins—along with a proper diet—every day in your skin care.

  5. Use the right products.

    It may be tempting to pick at your zit to immediately get rid of it, but this can cause scarring. Resist the urge, and treat your acne right by cleansing with an acne-fighting facial foam and applying a spot treatment on the area.

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