4 Ways To Wear Your Lipstick

by Karen Francisco   |  Apr 2, 2017
Image: Loisa Andalio | instagram.com/iamandalioloisa
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In every girl's makeup arsenal, there's bound to be a classic makeup staple in there and by classic, we mean lipstick. Lipsticks are just so versatile and can pull together any look in an instant. If you're a makeup newbie, lipsticks are probably your safest bet to start your collection. Lipsticks are also diverse and offer different varieties whether it has a matte or satin finish to a nude or bright coral shade, there are just so many ways to rock a lipstick. Plus, you can use it on the different parts of your face other than your lips! Scroll down and find out four more ways you can use your favorite lippies!

Use it as a cheek stain!

Your lipsticks can also serve as an alternative to blush! Pick your favorite blush-toned shade and dot it all over your cheeks and use your fingers to blend. The heat in your fingertips will easily melt the product onto your skin giving you the perfect flushed look!


Use it to define your eyes.

You can even use your lipstick as an eyeshadow base to make your eyes stand out. It's best to use a more gentle lipstick for this to not overpower and damage your lids. Stick to light nude shades or pale pinks just to define and give your eyelids some depth.

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Use it to contour!

Test the true versatility of your lipstick by getting a dark mocha or nude colored lipstick as your contour! Leave your lipstick for 3 seconds under a blow dryer to warm it up and make it easier for you to blend on your cheeks. Try to stay away from lipsticks that have an orange undertone and stick to browns.

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Mix and match to create new colors.

If you've reached the end of your lipstick tube, or have a broken lipstick, don't fret. You can easily pull a DIY to your lipstick by cutting your lippie, putting it on top of a spoon, and heating it with a flame. It will only take you around 30 seconds to a minute to do this! Afterwards, put it in any container that you can get from any department store and mix it along other lipstick shades and voila! you have your customized lip palette!

How else do you wear your favorite lipstick?

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