4 Skin Care Steps You Can't Miss, Despite Stressful Days at School

These won't take too much of your time, we promise!
4 Skin Care Steps You Can't Miss, Despite Stressful Days at School

It would be an understatement to say that being a student is exhausting. There are deadlines to meet, exams to study for, and thesis-related tasks to think of, among others. It can be tempting to skip a few steps in your skin care ritual during these super busy days, but with the right products and know-how, it's definitely manageable. These are the basics you should always make time for:

  1. Remove your makeup.

Did you know that your makeup traps dirt and grime from smoke and pollution throughout the day? These nasties slowly break down your skin's healthy collagen and leave you vulnerable to acne! Yikes! If you don't have enough energy to stop by the sink before hitting the sack, just keep a pack of facial wipes by your bedside for a quick fix. (Just don't make it a habit, though!)

  1. Get scrubbing.

Taking a quick shower seems to be the only way to make it to your morning class on time or get enough snooze at night, but it doesn't really do much in removing the 50 million dead skin cells you shed each day. As early as now, make it a habit to do deep cleansing on your face and entire body at least once or twice a week. Remember to switch to a mild facial cleanser and body wash and to change your loofah regularly.

  1. Make sure you have sun protection.

Staying in the classroom all day isn't an excuse to ditch your sunscreen because you still commute to school and head out for lunch, don't you? If you don't want to deal with sunburn, premature signs of aging, or even skin cancer in the future, make sure you get enough sun protection. It's best to look for a body lotion with SPF already, so you don't need to pile on products, especially on busy, scorching mornings.

  1. Apply body lotion.

Apply your lotion within three minutes after hopping out of the shower (Yup, while your skin is still damp!) to lock the moisture in. Our pick? SkinWhite Classic Whitening Lotion with SPF 10! Get whitening, moisturizing, and sun protection—all in one product. Its formula is packed with Vitamins B3, B5, B6, C, and E to soften and moisturize your skin. It also has a Light Feel Technology, which makes the lotion easily absorbed by the skin, so skin is made fairer and is conditioned—without the sticky icky feeling. 


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