4 Reasons Why You Need to Get Your Brows Done in May

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by Janelle Yau   |  Mar 8, 2017
Image: Elisse Joson | instagram.com/elissejosonn
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Whether you're a beauty girl or not, everyone wants cool, well-groomed kilay. But if you're still iffy about touching your natural brows or wondering why you need to get your brows done by a professional when you can just grab your trusty tweezers and pluck away, well, we could go on and on as to why you need to go straight to a brow salon RN! But for now, we'll leave with you four real good reasons why you need to get your brows done in May.  

To avoid over-plucking!

While groomed brows are all the rage, barely-there brows because of over-tweezing is definitely not! Leave the hard job of fixing your brows to a professional and head to a trusted brow salon to score cool kilay without breaking a sweat.

Professionals know what brow shape will suit your face shape more.

While it's fairly easy and quite tempting to just tweeze, shave, or wax your brows at home, brow artists know what brow shape will suit a face shape better. So instead of having an unwanted brow mishap, it's best to ask help from a professional brow artist first.


To get summer-ready!

Whether you're heading to a relaxing beach getaway with your best girl friends or to an adventurous hike with your blockmates, one thing's for sure, melted makeup is a big no-no. Go au naturel while enjoying the summer sun, but get your brows done for a no-makeup beauty look that's totally on-point.

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Because it can make a difference.

It's long been established that getting your brows done makes a huge difference in freshening up your beauty look. But that's not all a trip to the brow salon can do, Candy Girls. Benefit Cosmetics is finally bringing their #BoldIsBeautiful campaign to the Philippines. And with every brow wax service that you avail for the month of May, Benefit Cosmetics will be donating 100% of their profit to a partner organization! How cool is that? By getting your brows done, you can help Mano Amiga, a private, non-profit organization, to help their students reach their dreams with a quality education that promises a complete transformation to help them have a better future. Double yay!


Are you joining the #BoldIsBeautiful movement by getting your brows done in May?

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