4 Colors that Look Chic on Every Skin Tone

Here's a list of universally flattering hues for all of you!
Sep 20, 2016
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4 Colors that Look Chic on Every Skin Tone

If we had to define the hardest decisions a girl has to go through in beauty salons, picking a nail polish shade in a sea of mini bottles or a specific hair dye among various boxes would probably be among the top items in the list. Let us make the time-consuming task easier for you. Here, we listed down four universally flattering shades that look chic on any Pinay skin tone.

1. Pretty Hair for All: Beach Blonde

Platinum is a major trend that is here to stay. Just make sure your hairstylist uses the right toner to go with your blonde hair. But trust us, any skin tone can rock the platinum locks! #BlondeistheBomb 

2. Long-Lasting Lip-Lovin' Shade: Red

If you think that red is too much for you, you better think twice, girl. This power lip color lightens up your face and highlights your smile in so many ways. Looking for the right shade of red may be a tough journey, but you'll eventually find the one. Think of it this way: there is always the perfect shade of red for every Candy Girl.

3. Never Out of Style: Black

When it comes to fashion, black is still and will forever be the ultimate go-to color. From crop tops to cocktail dresses, it gives you a dose of elegance anytime, anywhere. It's always going to be a foolproof choice.

4. Chic Nails FTW: Bright Shades and Nudes

Bright colors and nudes are stealing the scene! These fun, versatile hues complement any skin tone (contrary to the fears that some morena girls may have), plus they give your digits a splash of attitude. Let your nails stand out in colors that suit any look and any season with Chic Nail Color. The vibrant shades and nude collection are your nail heaven on earth. Check out full collection here: chiccentre.com/cosmetics/chic

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