3 Things You Need to Know About Being Sexy and Confident

Discover what being sexy is all about
by Karen Francisco   |  May 19, 2017
Image: Elisse Joson | instagram.com/elissejosonn Art: Clare Magno
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In this day and age, our generation is so obsessed with losing weight and being sexy. We don't realize it sometimes, but body shaming is more common than you think. With comments like, "Maganda naman siya sana if she would lose weight" or "You're too thin," body shaming can come in different forms and it can happen to anyone at any size, too. At the Avon event last May 11, four women took turns in delivering monologues to share how they feel about body stereotypes and how they have come to discover what being sexy is all about. Here are some ways to own up to your own version of sexy.

Sexy is universal!

We have this idea in our head that being sexy only means having a coke bottle figure. It's time to break that stigma and realize that sexy is universal, Candy Girls. Having a fuller figure does not mean someone is not sexy and it’s about time that we all realize that.


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Being thin and having smaller boobs does not make you less of a woman.

Another form of body shaming that we often forget about is shaming women who have less. Petite girls are often mistaken for a kid and they are taken less seriously. Having smaller boobs does not equate them to being less of a woman.

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Being confident is the new sexy.

The true measure of beauty is how much we own our body. We are all built in different ways and shapes and there is no one definition of sexy. There should be no one body that we should aim for because at the end of the day, what makes us different is what makes us sexy.

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How about you? What's your definition of sexy?

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