3 Things Morenas Shouldn't Be Afraid to Wear

You can totally nail these chic style ideas!
3 Things Morenas Shouldn't Be Afraid to Wear

Who says morenas can't pull off everything? You can totally wear anything you want and flaunt your sun-kissed skin. And these three style ideas you once thought of as no-nos? They're actually pretty chic once you try them!

1. Bright Colors

Think bright shades like yellow don't work for you? They actually look amazing with your natural tan and make you look glowing. Go on, and wear that pretty sundress or that trendy off-shoulder top!

2. Tropical Prints

Same goes for fun and loud prints. Don't limit yourself to looks with plain or neutral color palettes, and experiment with cool trends like pineapple prints.

3. Multi-Color Nail Art

Likewise, don't be afraid to paint your nails however you want! You can even try nail art with a bright canary yellow shade and accents like tan and green for a super cute pineapple print-inspired nail look. Here's an easy tutorial you can follow using Chic nail polish shades:

Will you try out this nail art tutorial? Let us know how it goes!

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