3 New K-Beauty Ways To Exfoliate For Great Skin

It's time to refresh your skin care routine now.
by Janelle Yau   |  Feb 25, 2017
Image: Song Hye Kyo | instagram.com/kyo1122
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If you're a huge skin care junkie, then you have to know that nothing beats how meticulous Koreans can get when it comes to their skin care routine. K-beauty has introduced a long list of beauty tips and tricks that every girl should know to seal a beauty deal with a breeze—from the crazy "jamsu" method to the intimidating acid toning—now, the Koreans are back at it again.

We all know that exfoliating can easily slough of dead skin, leaving your face smooth and glowing right away. But there have been a lot of debates whether exfoliating does more good than harm for the skin. Instead of ditching the exfoliation step altogether, Koreans found not one, not two, but three different ways on how you can exfoliate to achieve great skin in a snap! From using a puff to a Q-tip, watch the video below to learn three different ways to exfoliate your skin minus the harsh scrubbing.


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