3 Hairstyles for a Slimmer-Looking Face

by Erin Torrejon   |  Aug 25, 2015
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Deciding on getting a new 'do or getting your hair chopped can get a little tricky at times. This is mostly because of the doubt that comes with trying a new hairstyle or new length and how it can look. Even with the fact that hair grows, we know just how important a cut can change everything from your daily routine down to your look. Since we're always about helping you pick the most flattering looks, we're here to share 3 hairstyles that not only look great on all face shapes but also slim down your face. Just scroll down to check out the different looks you can sport and surely look great flaunting in all your photos. 

 1  The lob.

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Get a lob that falls right below the jawline because it will frame your face perfectly and sculpt it for a slimmer appearance. If you want something shorter, make sure to stick just by your chin and stick to more angular cuts.

 2  Long layers. 

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Sporting long layers can make a round face look longer and soften the edges to slim down your face. Just make sure that the volume is still mostly towards the ends and not by the side of your face. And lastly, you can opt to go with more "shaggy" layers if you want to keep your tresses extra long.

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 3  Side-swept bangs.

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Whether you have a lob or long layers, you can easily sport side-swept bangs that will definitely elongate the face. Just remember to have them cut not shorter than halfway down your nose and opt for more shattered ends. This hairstyle puts the focus more on your pretty eyes, making it less about your actual face shape.


These are just suggestions and what matters is still how a haircut makes you feel and if it suits your personality and personal style! So always pick what you like best and be confident in your choices.

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