20 Ways To Find Your Beauty

You are beautiful—inside and out!
by Becky Kho   |  May 29, 2010
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  1. Beautiful is a dreamer.
    At no other time in your life will dreaming be as sweet and thrilling. Anything is truly possible. Your future can be whatever you want it to be. So dream a lot, dream big, dream far and wide.

  2. Beautiful is a healthy body.
    Forget those skinny girls on billboards and magazines. Those girls are not you. You were born with a unique body. It's a waste not to appreciate what you've been blessed with—a body that allows you to run, dance, swim, breathe, hug, paint, and grow.

  3. Beautiful is a cheerful spirit.
    Feeling bummed and depressed is part of being a teenager. It's hard not to feel that way with all the changes that hit you. But you can choose not to let all those things pull you down. Whenever life hands you a toughie, deal with it as best you can and keep your chin up. Then get some sleep. Things always look better in the morning.

  4. Beautiful is a friend
    Who sits with you. Remember that scene in Notting Hill where Julia and Hugh sneak into a private garden and discover a charming bench? They sit together in silent, comforting company. You know you've met a keeper of a friend if she understands there are times when you just need to be quiet together.

  5. Beautiful is saying thank you.
    Breathtaking scenes are all around us. Friends giggling over a secret, moms carrying their babies, lovers walking hand in hand, trees standing tall and proud. Give thanks for the abundance.

  6. Beautiful is a kind heart.
    Being patient when you're in a hurry, being gracious when you want to throw a fit, staying silent when you want to insult a classmate, helping your brother with his homework when all you want to do is surf the Net, being gentle with your forgetful grandmother—each day is an opportunity to extend kindness.

  7. Beautiful is a bright, shining smile.
    We all know that people smile when they feel good, but did you know the reverse also works? Smile first, then feel good. On a down day, try smiling to yourself. It's an instant pick-me-up, plus you'll give your face a lovely exclamation point. Just look at Anne Hathaway.

  8. Beautiful is poetry.
    Sometimes, all it takes to feel better is a few lines of a poem that speaks to you. Find a poet you like and memorize one of his or her works. Try Robert Frost, whose works are wonderful companions for life. A few of his poems can be found on www.favoritepoem.org, where you can also submit your own favorites. Or why don't you sit down, and try writing your own poem? Don't be afraid to unleash your inner poet.

  9. Beautiful is enjoying what you wear.
    Dressing up can sometimes be an ordeal. How can you really tell if what you're wearing looks cool? Or worse, what if it's no longer in style? The real secret to looking great is feeling great. Wear what's comfortable for you, what's fun for you, and what you love—your size doesn't matter.

  10. Beautiful is old-fashioned.
    It's the new millennium, but some of the most beautiful things in the world come from the old days: greeting cards, three red roses, playing jackstones, long-playing records, flying a kite.

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