16 Things We Learned From The First #CandyWeekendWorkshop

by Frances Beltran   |  Apr 30, 2016
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Last April 23, Candy Girls came over to BGC in their best #OOTDs for a weekend full of beauty tips, skin care advice, and phone-tography hacks together with models Akiko Abad and Kaila Estrada while surrounded by Costa Coffee's warm ambiance and aromatic drinks.

Here are a few things we learned that day and we’d love to share with those of you who weren’t able to join us!

On makeup

  1. Contrary to popular belief, your skin tone isn't either just "fair" or "dark." There are actually 3 types: neutral, cool, and warm. To decipher which one you fall under, check your wrist's veins. If the colors range from purple to blue, you're a cool kid. If they're yellow going blue, you're a warm wonder. And if you're a mix of blue and green, you're a natural neutral.
  2. Each color of concealer corresponds to its own type of "healing." If you have red blemishes or pimples, the green kind is great. If you have dark circles under your eyes, the salmon one is your savior. If you need to mute yellow areas in your t-zone, the lilac lets you do this. And if you have dark spots that need brightening, the orange version always has your back (and every other not-too light area too!)
  3. Always apply lip balm before lipstick. Wearing matte lippies in a tropical country will lead to chapped and cracking lips. So wear lip balm before bed and let the night moisturize your smackers for soft, plump ones in the morning.
  4. BB cream is your new bae. It doubles as everyday foundation, moisturizer, and sunscreen for maximum protection against the scorching summer heat. Thankfully, our friends at Belo also introduced us to their very own BB cream which is infused with SPF 50, tone-correcting serum, kojic acid, and tranexamic acid so our skin can stay gorgeous and glowing all day long.

On skin care

  1. 1. Always wear sunscreen. At night, a good moisturizer or face mask (Kaila recommends a homemade honey and cinnamon mask) will be your best friend. Then in the morning, slap on a generous amount of sunscreen before getting into your daily grind.
  2. Say goodbye to deep fried food. Fries every once in a while is okay, but indulging in oily foods should only be a cheat day sort of thing. Chips, fast food, and other fatty alternatives will increase the oil on your skin, therefore giving way to an impending breakout.
  3. Use a toner. No matter how sleepy or lazy you're feeling, this should be a crucial part of your nighttime routine. This water-based product will deeply cleanse and eradicate any excess dirt or oil invisible to the naked eye.
  4. Drink lots of water. Keeping hydrated is imperative especially now that the heat glares at the country with the fury of a thousand suns. Gulping down some H2O will help flush out toxins and ensure your skin doesn't dry up.

On taking the perfect flat lay.

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  1. Utilize negative space. Take the photo from above and make sure it doesn't look too crowded. This gives your photo a clean and visually pleasing aesthetic.
  2. Find the perfect lighting. Taking a good flat lay is no walk in the park. In fact, Akiko even brought a table outside her house just to get that bright, natural lighting that keeps away pesky shadows from the picture. So move around and discover what time of day works best for your pics.
  3. Don't be embarrassed of the process. If you need to stand on a chair in a public restaurant just to get that beautiful aerial-view of your brunch, then do it! What lasts won't come easy, and what's easy won't last. So if you want that chipotle rice and lemongrass spring chicken to be your Instagram legacy, then perch on that chair—tall and proud—and take those 15 shots with a proud smile to boot.
  4. Just have fun with it. You don't need a meticulously streamlined structure when you arrange your flat lay's components. Just mess it around and play with the angles. The first picture is never the best, so don't stress it and design the look to your liking.

On taking the best selfie.

  1. Find your angle. People may poke fun at Ariana Grande for always trying to model her left side, but the girl knows what she's doing! Get in front of a mirror one day and just move your head until you find that perfect side. It may seem ridiculous, but trust us, a good angle is what makes a good selfie.
  2. Use your hands. They're perfect props! Whether they're curled under your chin, resting against your lips, or simply draped across your cheek, showing off your dainty fingers and that tres chic manicure can really spruce up your photo.
  3. Mind your background. Kaila recommends a solid wall because it highlights your assets and accessories more clearly. But if you want to get creative, you can also opt to use nature sceneries or fun locations as your backdrop. Plus points if you're outdoors so you can score some good ol' natural lighting.
  4. Smize! Tyra Banks swears by this look. Smiling with your eyes (which basically means you're going to imagine actually smiling except without your mouth) gives your selfie a more edgy and high-fashion aura. Worried you won't pull it off like the pros? Remember: You don't need to be America's Next Top Model to pose like one.
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