15 Quick Fixes for Makeup Disasters

by Melanie Santiago   |  Mar 19, 2016
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  1. Messed Up Eyeliner
    When your eyeliner is so on fleek but you mess up a tiny bit, instead of piling on more product to even out the shape, take your cotton bud and concealer for precise cover-up.

  2. Mascara Smudge
    There are two ways to go about removing a mascara smudge: Let it completely dry and with a cotton bud, flake it off or you can take a fine makeup brush dipped in micellar water or makeup remover to clean the area.

  3. Concealer Creasing
    The reason why concealers crease is when you pile on too much. This pin shows how to apply a thin layer but the key is to set with translucent powder! If it creases mid-day, use a clean brush to sweep under the area instead of your finger which has oils that'll only mess it up.  

  4. Lipstick on Teeth
    If you plan to wear a bold lip color, do this little finger-in-mouth trick to prevent those embarrassing lipstick stains on your teeth.

  5. Lipstick Bleeding
    Be sure to apply a lipliner and concealer on the outer edges of your lips so the product won't feather out and create a hot mess!

  6. Wrong Way of Lining Lips
    When lining your lips, make sure to fill in a good 1cm in to create a fuller, more natural effect. If you've just line the lip like a sketch, simply fill in, no worries.

  7. Spider Lashes
    Separate clumpy lashes with a spoolie or eyebrow brush and let the little comb brush through your lashes.

  8. Too Much Blush
    Take a clean cotton ball or pad and in circular motions, gently pat the area with too much product. You can also use a brush with translucent powder on top to tone down the color.

  9. Cakey Foundation
    We're a firm believer that less is more but sometimes, we can get heavy handed with foundation. Spray your face with a hydrating mist to make your skin look more natural, this pin shows a DIY recipe.

  10. Boxy Eyebrows
    Bold brows are in but they can get overpowering too fast, quick fix, simply brush through them with a spoolie to evenly distribute the product and erase harsh lines.

  11. Wrong Foundation Shade
    We can't win all makeup battles and when you've already put on a shade too dark or light, take a makeup sponge to pick up any excess product and blend down to your neck and décolletage if exposed. Next time, color match foundation on your neck, this pin explains why.

  12. Streaky Foundation
    Opt for a sponge instead of a brush when applying foundation to achieve a blended and natural finish. Here are some tips from this pin.

  13. Makeup Stains
    From foundation on the collar to lipstick and nail polish stains, this pin shows what household products to effectively remove them.

  14. Dry Skin Patches
    Keep Vaseline handy in your makeup bag to moisturize dry skin patches that might flake throughout the day, it also acts as a great emollient to remove makeup.

  15. Wrong Lip Color
    You start with a vampy lip color or bright shade of orange wasn’t such a great idea after all, often these bold lippies can leave a stain that can clash with the new shade you plan to wear, to prevent this, create a base by applying a light layer of concealer or foundation on your lips.

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