15 DIY Natural Face Masks

Give your skin some loving with all natural masks you can easily whip up in your kitchen.
by Melanie Santiago   |  Aug 29, 2015
ART Trixie Ison
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 1  Wake Me Up Mocha-Frappuccino Mask

Coffee lovers rejoice! You can also apply your fave drink on your face to help reduce puffiness and give you that energy boost in the morning.

 2  Sweet Potato Glowing Face Mask

This mask is easy to recreate with a few natural ingredients such as sweet potatoes, this star ingredient contains a lot of vitamins and minerals to give your skin that healthy glow.

 3  Honey Cinnamon Nutmeg Mask

Having recurring acne problems? This mask which combines Honey and Cinnamon have antibacterial and antiseptic properties that can help reduce and prevent those pesky pimples.

 4  Amazing Avocado Mask Recipes

Heal dry skin and look like you just came back from the spa with these ultra-moisturizing avocado recipes. Customize each recipe depending on other skin type.

 5  Soothing Lavender Face Mask

Breakouts are also caused by a lot of stress; give your skin a break by placing a mix of yoghurt, honey and lavender buds or oils on your face. Best to apply before dozing off to sleep.


 6  Tropical Pineapple Papaya Enzyme Peel

Stay away from chemical peels, instead try this all-natural enzyme peel using pineapple and papaya, an effective yet mild way to give your skin a renewed appearance.

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 7  Lightening Rice Flour & Milk Mask

This mask uses the lightening properties of rice flour and moisturizing effect of milk to help you recreate that Japanese porcelain skin.

 8  Moisturizing Banana Face Mask for Sensitive Skin

Raise your hand if applying commercial skin products makes your skin red and splotchy. If you are looking for a hydrating yet safe for sensitive skin mask, this banana recipe is for you.

 9  Blueberry Exfoliating Mask

Dull skin be gone! This yummy concoction of blueberries, honey, and sugar will do just the trick to bring your skin back to life.

 10  Wrinkle-Fighting Carrot Eye Mask

The combined goodness of retinol from carrots and firming effects of egg whites combat wrinkles that form around the eyes. But this is also great for the whole face!


 11  Mix and Match Green Tea Face Mask

Rip open a dry green tea bag and mix it with the choice of "liquids" from this list to suit your skin type.

 12  Brightening Strawberry Face Mask

To help brighten your skin's complexion, combine strawberries, sugar, and almond oil for a deliciously smelling mask.

 13  Cooling Cucumber Face Mask

If you want to remedy sun burned skin, try this mask that uses cucumber, honey, and lemon juice. You can also apply it to other sun burned areas on your body for a soothing effect.

 14  Parsley Cotton Pad Eye Mask Soak

Instead for the usual cucumber slices, soak cut cotton pads in parsley juice which is rich in vitamin C, K and chlorophyll to help lighten and reduce the puffiness underneath your eyes.

 15  Firming Kiwi Honey Face Mask

The next time your mom heads to the grocery, add some kiwis to the shopping list. This fruit contains more vitamin C than an orange and can do wonders for your skin!


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