15 Beauty Tips That Are Helpful When You Travel

by Melanie Santiago   |  May 30, 2015
PHOTO Mark Jesalva, ART Trixie Ison
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 1  5 Minute Touch-up

Learn the science of looking fresh 5 minutes before you get off the plane. This pin shows you the easiest tutorial and makeup essentials to use.

 2  No Makeup, Makeup Look

YouTube beauty guru, Nicole Guerero shows how you can create a decent look using a simple concealer stick that's easy to maintain throughout your trip.

 3  Simple Beauty

Take it from this YouTuber, Ingrid Nielsen on how to don a sweet and simple look using eyeliner and gloss, complete with outfits to boot.

 4  Busy Girl's Guide to Eyebrows

If you have extra time before you leave the plane, fill in your eyebrows to better frame your face. Watch this video to learn how.

 5  Bigger Eyes in 6 Steps

Try looking more awake after you step off the plane by following these 6 easy steps!

 6  Makeup for Tired Eyes

Early flight? This makeup tutorial is specifically for tired eyes and makes use of eyeliner and dark eye shadow smudged at the upper and lower lash line. Check out how in this pin.

 7  How to Prevent Eye Makeup from Running

If you love wearing eyeliner and can't live without mascara, this pin shows you how you can maximize the wear and prevent any smearing.

 8  Fuller Lips

Fake Kylie Jenner lips by placing concealer at the center of your lips, and lining it with lipstick from corners inward and then finish with lipgloss.

 9  Popsicle Stained Lips

Keep everything simple and focus on your lips, create a gradient effect using matte lipstick and a bright stain in the center, check out the pin to see the step-by-step look.


 10  Find the Right Lipstick for your Skin Tone

Check out this guide to finding the right shade of lipstick for your skin tone, it also comes in handy when buying makeup.

 11  Makeup How-To: Flirty Flushed Cheeks

Achieve a luminous flush that will last all day by applying cream blush and then powder blush on top, diffuse with a concealer or highlighter for a softer, more natural effect.

 12  Basic Contouring

Create a slimmer face using just one product: brown eyeliner, which you can apply on your brows, nose, cheeks and eyelids! Talk about all-in-one.

 13  Basic Highlighting

Make it look like you're glowing from within by adding a bit of highlighter on these key areas: cheeks, bridge of the nose, cupids bow and inner corner of the eye.

 14  Summer Getaway

Achieve a fresh summer look using only 4 products: bronzer for face and eyes, lipstick for cheeks and lips, mascara for eyelashes  that can double as eyeliner, lastly BB cream for coverage and sunscreen.

 15  Natural Ombre Eye Makeup

Create defined eyes by dusting on brown eye shadow all over your lids, apply a black or dark brown color near the lash line and smudge it upwards for the ombre effect. Simple and easy!

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