14 Thoughts Every Girl Has When Getting a Brazilian Wax for the First Time

Nobody said it was easy.
by Janelle Yau   |  Aug 21, 2017
Image: Majoy Siason
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These days, getting a Brazilian is NBD. Girls have their bikini area waxed for La Boracay and LAbor Union or simply because they like it hair-free down there more. If you've finally made up your mind and want to get a Brazilian for the very first time, here are some very real thoughts you are bound to think of once you do.

  1. OMG! Do I really want to get myself into this?
  1. My friend and Google said it's going to hurt...A LOT, but at least it's going to be more hygienic. I think.
  1. Oh God. This is it. Should I have popped a painkiller an hour ago?
  1. Urk. She's talking to me while she's looking at me DOWN THERE. Should I bother to keep up with this conversation?
  1. Uhm…did she just say that my pubic hair is cute? Does this mean I should have trimmed it first?! Ugh! I'm freaking out.
  1. How can she act so normal? I wonder how many vaginas she has seen in her whole life.
  1. So…she's slowly rubbing the wax on my vagina. That's not weird at all?

  1. Oh God. There's the strip…1 *inhale* 2 *inhale* 3 *inhaa…* OUCH!!!!
  1. Oh my God. That was painful.
  1. Oh, Lord. Here goes another one.
  1. Is she not done yet? It's been twenty minutes of sticking and yanking. I don't think I can take it anymore.
  1. Ooooh, that soothing gel feels good.
  1. All done? OM. I'm never going back to shaving again!
  1. Wait, what do you mean I have to do this next month again? Drat.

Would you ever get a Brazilian?

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