12 More Celebs Post Real Makeup-Free Selfies and You Should, Too

See more of your favorite stars showing off their bare (and beautiful) faces and find out why you should snap one, too!
by Erin Torrejon   |  Jul 23, 2015
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Back in March, we first shared 12 celebrities (like Taylor Swift and Kathryn Bernardo) who proudly showed off their makeup-free faces on Instagram. This is because we wanted you to not only see your fave stars without makeup, but also see that they look just as gorgeous (if not more) without all the layers of profesh makeup. In this day and age where looking picture-perfect is  becoming the norm, we wanted to inspire you to show off your candid and natural beauty (sans filter, too!) by posting your very own legit makeup-free selfie! So we went ahead and searched for 12 more of your faves and their makeup-free snaps. Just scroll down below to check them all out and find out below why we challenge you to do the same.

 1  Our August cover girl Yassi Pressman is not one to shy from posting makeup-free photos on her Instagram page and we totally love her for it.


 2  Kylie Jenner is definitely known for her flawless professional makeup looks, which is why it's great to see the young star posting a few photos of her without any makeup at all. You go Kylie!

 3  PLL star Ashley Benson is all about showing off your natural beauty too, so you'll definitely see her posting selfies and snapchats without any makeup on a regular basis.

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 4  Candy cover girl Coleen Garcia is another advocate of going makeup-free in photos and outside of the camera. We love that she's not only proud of her own beauty but also that she's all about taking proper care of her skin–definitely an awesome role model.

 5  Glee alum Lea Michele is a proud fitness buff who's not afraid to go makeup-free and we applaud her for it!

 6  Model Gigi Hadid is usually spotted sporting professional makeup because of the nature of her job, which is why it's really great and refreshing to see her without any makeup at all. Plus she looks totally gorge with or without beauty products!


 7  Superstar Katy Perry is almost always wearing layers of makeup because of her infinite number of performances, so it's really great to see the star embracing her natural beauty as often as she can.

 8  Selena Gomez and her pals proudly show off makeup-free selfies after a workout, which definitely deserves two thumbs up! You go, girls!

 9  Cara Delevingne is also almost always having to sport a few layers of makeup, but we love that she's not afraid to post wacky photos sans makeup, too!

 10  Karlie Kloss is all about fitness, health, and taking good care of yourself, so it's no surprise to see the supermodel without makeup on her Instagram every so often.

 11  Vanessa Hudgens is truly inspiring for going after her broadway dreams! And we love that she's another celebrity who isn't shy about going barefaced in front of her fans.

 12  If Lorde can post a late night selfie without any makeup at all, you totally can, too!


So you might be wondering why you should take a makeup-free selfie, too? Well it's really because if these celebrities with millions of followers can be proud and show off their natural beauty, you can, too! In this social media age, this simple act is actually a way for you to start doing brave little things and at the same time learn to love and embrace your natural beauty–all with a snap of a no-makeup selfie! Although it might not happen overnight or change things instantly, be proud of your baby steps.

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