10 Ways You Can Snap A Flawless Selfie Just Like Sofia Andres

Find out how you can take a flawless #selfie every time, just like the gorgeous young star!
by Erin Torrejon   |  Mar 2, 2015
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Our Prom and Grad Ball Special cover girl Sofia Andres is not only absolutely gorgeous, this girl can also snap a flawless selfie like it's nobody's business. Trust us, because we saw just how amazing she is when it comes to knowing the right angles and tricks to scoring the perfect, double-tap worthy self-portraits a.k.a. selfies. So if you want to take photos of yourself like a true pro, let Sofia inspire you while you learn a few tips along the way. Just scroll down to see how easy it is to get the perfect selfie every time!

 1  It's all about the angle. 

Make sure to take the camera from a higher angle for a photo that will flatter you and anyone else in the frame. This is the number one must!

 2  Find the light.

As you can see, lighting is everything when it comes to making sure you look your best! The more light, the better.

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 3  Flash those pearly whites.

Nothing can make you look your best quite like a big smile so make sure to flash your prettiest smile for the camera. Tip: try saying the word Wednesday when you smile–this will give you a really natural, but photogenic smile.

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 4  Go for the open-mouth pout.

This fierce look is perfect for showing off your brand new lippie or awesome makeup skills.

 5  Look to the side, girl.

For a more serious-themed selfie, it's best to look away from the camera to add a little emotion to your photos.


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 6  Sunglasses are saviors.

Feeling under the weather or not feeling your best? Wear your favorite sunglasses before snapping your photo!

 7  Always be ready.

When sneaking a selfie (because you might be a little shy to do it in public), make sure to always have your fierce face on for the right moment when you catch the light and no one is looking.

 8  Know your best angle.

And direct it towards the camera to make sure that you'll like how you look in every shot.

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 9  All about the eyes.


As Tyra Banks once said, "you gotta smize, girl!" And smize (smiling eyes) real good.

 10  Have fun!

Don't be too serious about taking the perfect selfie. The best photos come from the moments that are genuinly enjoyed.

Which #selfie tip did you like best? Just tweet us @candymagdotcom or leave a comment below. We love hearing from YOU!

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