10 Ways to Take Travel Photos Like a Candy Model

by Erin Torrejon   |  Jan 28, 2015
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Remember the awesome Candy models we suggested you to follow on Instagram? Well they're not just awesome at taking everyday snapshots, they're also experts at taking the best kind of travel photos! Modeling lets them see the world and travel to different countries, combine that and their natural talent for posing and taking a great photo, you get pros at travel shots like Maan, Hye Won, Kelsey, and Nikita! So why not take your cue from these totally cool Candy Girls when it comes to taking the perfect shots at your next vacay? All you need to do is scroll down for tips and lots of inspiration. Enjoy!

  1. If you want awesome travel photos that will always be flattering, make sure to put your best face and hair forward. Opt for a no-makeup, makeup look paired with polished hair–it's the easiest, no-fail trick to looking your best even on-the-go.

  2. Get a little shy posing in front of the camera? Go for a more candid pose in front of a cool spot. Feel free to go with a more "scripted-candid-pose" if you really want to be sure the photo will look great.

  3. The over-the-shoulder, side pose is a go-to pose for models. Do this in front of a busy place on your trip and you'll surely have a photo you'll want to share immediately.

  4. Want to capture a breathe-taking view with you in it? The "looking-away" pose can do wonders when trying to add a bit of feeling to your shots.

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  5. Another trick is to just simply stand (or sit) in front of the view you want to capture and let your designated photographer snap away! One photo is bound to be the one you'll want to keep!

  6. Make sure to snap your outfits up close, especially when you've put the extra effort into looking chic! Don't forget to include a little bit of the background, too.

  7. Want another camera-shy photo tip? Face your back to the camera instead and make sure to include a lot of the background for a more dramatic feel to your snapshot.

  8. See a cool graffiti wall? Don't just stare at it and stand in front for a photo! It'll surely be a good one, trust us!

  9. The trick to finally taking (and posting) a model-style selfie on your trip is by sporting statement sunglasses and including a tiny bit of the scenery behind you. 

  10. When all else fails, just enjoy yourself on your trip! When you're having fun, it'll directly show on all your photos, resulting to awesome snapshots you'll always love looking back at.


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