10 Times Victoria Justice Taught Us To Look Cute While Making A Funny Face

The actress shows you how to bring up your selfie game!
by Erin Torrejon   |  Jul 28, 2014
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Whether you like it or not, #selfies are a big part of the what's super current in social media. So instead of fighting it, why not embrace it in a really playful way? Like posting wacky or funny-face photos? Since looking great while doing so can be a bit challenging, we put together all of Victoria Justice's most awesome funny faces. The best part is the fact that she can still look super cute and fab even when doing an unflattering pose! How does she do it? Well aside from the fact that she's already super cute and gorgeous, she's also got a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to pulling off wacky but adorable selfies. Just scroll down and see for yourself–make sure to take note of all her tricks and tips as well so you can boost your selfie game!

Make the duck face and eyebrow raise combo look extra cute with by swiping on some basic makeup and adding some quirky accessories!


Sticking your tongue out will only look adorbs when your hair is done and you've got fierce lashes! A cute lippie can also help the situation.

Add cute points to your fish face by posing with a cutie next to you! Extra points if he's making a funny face, too.

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Victoria definitely started practicing when she was still young! Look at how cute her scared face looks because of her totally adorbs braids.

An comfy-looking, oversized sweater can make your #IWokeUpLikeThis hair and tongue-sticking-out-face a lot more attractive! Victoria is such a pro.

You gotta admit, Victoria's shocked face looks extra, extra cute because Santa is right next to her!

How does Victoria manage to make the duck face look cute? By sporting a cute crown and making her grandma do it with her, of course!

Any funny face will look extra good and adorable when done in a costume! Just check out Victoria as Snow White!


Posing like the calm Buddha will definitely look extra cute beside a statue of the great Buddha. All the bright colors make for an extra great photo, too!

Make your straight face look lighter and fun by playing aroung with some props like glasses and sunnies!

Which tip did you like best? Want to learn other types of photo taking tricks? Just tweet us @candymagdotcom or leave a comment below! We love hearing from all of you!

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