10 Things Your Makeup Artist Wishes You Would Stop Doing

Read on to avoid committing any beauty crimes from now on.
by Janelle Yau   |  Sep 22, 2016
Image: Sofia Andres | instagram.com/iamsofiaandres Art: Clare Magno
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Scoring new makeup goodies is always fun, and playing with them afterwards is even better. While we believe that putting on makeup should always be a fun process, sometimes out of pure excitement to try out the different makeup trends you see on the runways, television shows, etc., you run the risk of committing different beauty crimes every beauty gal should avoid at all cost. To make sure that you create nothing, but amazing beauty looks from hereon now, professional makeup artist Nikki Tiu gives us the lowdown on what every makeup artist wishes you would stop doing. 

  1. Using the wrong shade of foundation.  

A lot of girls tend to use foundation that are too light for their skin tone. When shopping for the right foundation, always make sure that the shade matches the color of your neck and the rest of the body, not your face. That said, it is a must to test foundation on your jawline, and never at the back of your hand before making a final decision!

  1. Piling on too much makeup.  

Always remember that "less is indeed more," Candy Girls. There are specific areas on the face that needs makeup like the under eyes, but there are also areas on the face that doesn't require heavy coverage so it's best to just skip those areas.

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  1. Never sleep with your makeup on

 Make it a habit to always remove your makeup before dozing off to maintain great skin.

  1. Don't replace your contour powder with a bronze

Unlike the usual contour powder, bronzers are usually too warm and orange to sculpt your face. Plus, the shimmer on it won't help bring out your best features either.

  1. Piling on too much powder to set your makeup

Putting on too much powder to set your makeup will create a fake looking canvas. Use a translucent powder instead, and apply only in areas around your face where oil builds up for a more natural beauty look.


  1. Using expired makeup.

Throwing unused, or barely used makeup can be heartbreaking, but getting eye allergies, or skin irritations due to using expired makeup is not worth it. Plus, most expired makeup are not as effective and flattering anymore.

  1. Over-tweezing/over-plucking your brows.

Have your brows done professionally at least once in your life to get the brow shape that suits your facial shape.

  1. Not cleaning your makeup brushes.

Dirty brushes can build bacteria, clog pores, and can lead to skin breakouts! Wash them once a week to make sure that your makeup brushes are squeaky clean, and safe to use.

  1. Sharing makeup.

Sharing your makeup is a big no-no, but if you must, always sanitize them before and after lending, or borrowing it.

  1. Not using moisturizer.

Regardless of whether your skin is oily, dry, sensitive, or normal, it is important moisturize your face before applying makeup.

Nikki Tiu is a professionally-trained makeup artist who graduated from Basement Academy. She specializes on traditional and airbrush makeup for weddings, prenup pictorials, photoshoots, commercials, print ads, etc.. She also works closely with several makeup and skincare brands for trainings, makeup, and skincare seminars/workshops.

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