10 Things You Should Know About Blush

We sit down with this new Asian all-girl group ready to wow the world with their music.
by Clei Salvador, Mika Pamatmat   |  Apr 18, 2011
photos courtesy of PR Asia
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Music indeed has a great influence on all of us teens nowadays. Isn’t it amazing when you think of all the different music influences we have in the world? Have you heard of the newest Asian girl group Blush? If you haven’t, then take a look at our list of things you ought to know about them. 

  1. Blush is a fusion of girls from different parts of Asia.
    Each girl hails from a different Asian country. The brainchild of Farwest Entertaiment, all five girls were discovered when they tried out for Project Lotus, which was a search for girls who could be the “next big thing.” The five ladies of Blush are Alisha from India, Victoria from China, JiHae from Korea, Natsuko from Japan and Angeli from the Philippines. "We have diversity in our group representing different countries," says Victoria. Coming together as one, Blush is no doubt, world-class.

  2. They all started with a dream.
    They used to be regular girls trying to make it into the music industry. Natsuko from Japan actually started out as a dancer before realizing she could sing as well. Victoria, Alisha, and Angeli on the other hand, all started singing at a very young age while JiHae from Korea only started singing just after graduating from college.

  3. One of the members is a Filipina!
    Does the name Angeli Flores ring a bell to you? Well, this very gorgeous Filipina made it to the Top 11 when she joined Pinoy Idol. Though she did not win, she kept on joining other contests and finally got what she wanted when she auditioned for Project Lotus. Angeli shares that Regine Velasquez has always been her all-time idol when asked who she looks up to.

  4. They’ve stayed grounded despite their newfound fame.
    Yes, they have already reached their dreams of making music and are superstars in the making but even though they've gotten all this, they still remain humble and down-to-earth. When asked about being compared to the Spice Girls, "We feel even blessed to be put next to them," Natsuko humbly answers.

  5. They still keep their cool even with busy schedules.
    These girls are definitely hardworking! They've got tours lined up in the upcoming months and they're currently working on new songs. "There are no slackers in the group," former Asia-Pacific Walt Disney President and Project Lotus head Jon Niermann says. Indeed, looks like these girls are having the time of their life!

  6. Their goal is to inspire.
    "You just have to believe in yourself,” Angeli shares. The group wants everyone to know that if you have a dream, go for it! Don’t let opportunities just pass by. Instead, make your way to it and grab on for dear life.

  7. They’re truly talented.
    When Jon Niermann, the founder and CEO of Farwest Entertainment was looking for five girls who could sing, dance, and represent their country, that's just what he found! The girls of Blush are definitely the whole package, along with their beauty and pleasing personalities, the sky's definitely the limit for these girls.

  8. Their uniqueness is such a breath of fresh air!
    Unlike other Asian groups, these girls actually have their own style of making music, which sets them apart and shows their creativity and originality. They sing their songs in English but incorporate their own languages in some of their songs as well. "We would include our language because we want to put our own Asian element into our songs," Alisha says.

  9. They’ve got potential chart-topping hits.
    When we got the chance to hear them sing, we were in awe. They've got beautiful voices and songs that will surely leave you with a case of LSS for the whole summer long! Try listening to their signature song, "Make You Blush" and their latest single, "Undivided" to see (and hear!) what we’re talking about.

  10. They’ll be performing all around Asia until May.
    Right now, they are currently staying in the Philippines promoting their music. They'll be heading off to Los Angeles and will be starting to perform in the US soon, so try catching them during their performances here in our country while you still can!
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