10 Eyeliner Tricks To Try Now

by Erin Torrejon   |  Oct 4, 2014
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Eyeliner is the best beauty tool to use when you want to open up your eyes or simply draw attention to it. It's not only a classic tool and look, it's also one of the most versatile makeup products around. Since applying your eyeliner can both be fun and tricky (depending on your current beauty user status–newbie or pro), we decided to make your life easier by scouring the web to find all the cool and neat tricks you can definitely use for both everyday and special beauty looks. Just scroll down and click on the links with eyeliner tips that interest you. Happy practicing, Candy Girls!

  1. Scotch Tape Eyeliner
    Learn how to create the perfect winged eyes every time with the help of your handy scotch tape.
  2. Cat Eyes for Small Lids
    Easily draw on cat eyes even if your eyelids are too small. This trick will also open up your eyes.
  3. Double Colored Cat Eyes
    Add some fun to your normal cat eyes by learning how to top it with different colored eyeliner finishes!
  4. Perfectly Smudged Eyeliner
    Looking for that lived-in eyeliner look? This is the tutorial to achieving natural-looking smudged eyeliner.
  5. Day to Night Cat Eyes
    Learn how to easily transform your lined eyes from day to night!
  6. The Tightline Trick
    Here's how you can apply your eyeliner closest to your lashline for that fresh, wide-awake look!
  7. Ways to Sport White Eyeliner
    Not sure how to sport your new white eyeliner? Here's 20 different ways! 
  8. Colored Liner turned Eyeshadow
    Get more out of your colored eyeliner by learning how to easily apply it on as eyeshadow! 
  9. The Spoon Trick
    This is how you allow your spoon to help you apply perfectly lined eyes all the time.
  10. How to Use Gel Eyeliner
    Using gel eyeliner no longer has to be tricky thanks to this cool tip! 

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