10 Disney Princess Makeup Tutorials You'll Need For Halloween

You're never too old on to dress up as your favorite princess.
by Retty Contreras for Cosmo.ph   |  Oct 30, 2015
ART Trixie Ison PHOTO Walt Disney Pictures
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10 Disney Princess Makeup Tutorials You'll Need For Halloween

In case you're not one to dress up in spooky and gruesome costumes for Halloween, here are ten Disney Princess makeup tutorials that are super easy to follow. 

 1  Mulan

Dress up as the brave Mulan and learn how to up your winged liner game as well.

 2  Cinderella

We're talking about Cinderella post-Fairy Godmother. Don't take the easy route and go as pre-transformation Cinderella. 

 3  Ariel 

So you've been keeping those colorful metallic shadows at the back of your drawer? Time to bust them out and go as a mermaid princess for your costume party! 

 4  Rapunzel 

How to put on fake freckles that look natural? Use a brown eyebrow pencil! 

 5 & 6  Anna and Elsa

Yup, Frozen is still very relevant, even if you want to choke someone whenever you hear "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" 

 7  Jasmine

Our biggest learning? Get cartoonish eyebrows just like Jasmine by using black eyeliner pencil on your brows. 


 8  Aurora

Learn how to nail Aurora's eye makeup—you can totally use it IRL. 

 9  Belle 

Just for kicks, ask your guy to dress up as the Beast. 10 points if he agrees without fighting back. 

 10  Snow White

For your props, bring an apple or your favorite stuffed forest animals!

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