10 Beauty Resolutions to Achieve Your Best Skin Ever This Year

We share with you the simple steps to achieving your dream skin this 2016!
by Erin Torrejon   |  Jan 5, 2014
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When it comes to New Year's resolutions, most people tend to focus on a better work ethic, living a healthier lifestyle, and accomplishing goals they want to meet for themselves. But more often than not, taking care of the skin is neglected and forgotten. But did you know that taking care of your complexion is a lot easier than other resolutions? It's also a plan that you won't regret and you'll fully benefit from in the end! So whether you're already a skincare enthusiast, know nothing about caring for your skin, or simply want to know the basics, these beauty resolutions are not only easy to follow but are also the best steps to taking care of your skin and starting the road to your best skin yet!

  1. Never sleep with your makeup on.

    This is the biggest no-no when it comes to caring for your skin. Letting your makeup stay on overnight allows for bacteria to get clogged into your pores, which then leads to acne and all sorts of skin problems like irritation and rashes. So regardless of how tired you might be, always remember to remove your makeup before sleeping.

  2. Apply SPF daily.

    This is a definite non-negotiable because it's the best way to protect your skin, and most people still forget this step. Aside from keeping you protected from sun damage and skin cancer, applying sunscreen daily is the best way to fight early signs of aging.

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  3. Drink water, lots of it!

    When it comes to caring for the health of your skin, it's best to start with taking care of your body! Keep your body and your skin hydrated and healthy by simply drinking lots of water throughout the day. You'll instantly see effects of this as long as you're consistent with your H20 intake.

  4. Eat the right food.

    Having a clean diet, which consists of lots of fruits and vegetables and staying clear from trans fats (like cookies and donuts), is also a really good way to care for your skin from within. Doing so will help you avoid any inflammation (redness or swelling) throughout your body.

  5. Don't pick at your skin.

    It's important to resist the urge to keep touching and picking at anything in your skin that irritates you. Whether it's a pimple or a scab, constantly poking at your skin problem will only worsen it.

  6. Commit to a daily skincare regimen that suits your skin.

    First of all, make sure to know what your skin type is and the kind of care your skin needs! Trying out every (pretty) product out in the market might just do more harm to your skin. So after finding the products and daily routine that works for you, it's really best to stick to it and be very consistent. Remember that it can take a while before you see actual results and also know that if a regimen or product isn't working for you, make sure to consult a dermatologist to better help you care for your skin.

  7. Care for the skin on the rest of your body.

    The skin on the rest of your body is just as important as the skin on your face, so make sure to give it the same TLC as well! 

  8. Sweat a little.

    Did you know that working out and sweating can actually be really good for your skin? It's a great way to cleanse from within by flushing by increasing blood flow, which helps flush cellular debris out of the system as well as promote circulation–keeping your skin healthy and vibrant! Exercise can also descrease stress and any of its negative effects on your skin. 

    9 Sleep well.

    Getting enough sleep is another great way to assure that your skin is taken care of and healthy. Sleeping early and well is the best way to help your skin rest and recover from all your activities, stress, and even makeup.

  9. Pamper yourself.

    It's also good to let your skin indulge every now and then with a visit to your dermatologist for a facial or a visit to the spa for a good massage. These treatments will give your skin the extra boost of care it needs. And it doesn't always need to be costly–sometimes even a good face mask can help soothe your skin instantly!


What are your beauty resolutions this year? Share it with us below!

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