10 Beauty Budget Savers

Add a few more days to the lives of expensive treatments and products and save lots of cash!
by Jennie Llamas-Garcia   |  Jul 10, 2011
photo by Kai Huang * Makeup by Sabs Hernandez * hair by Vianney Guese
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  1. Blow-out
    Keep your tresses looking sleek and pretty an extra day by keeping it product-free after your blow out. Can't stand the thought of greasy roots? Mop it up with baby powder (or bronzer) instead of shampooing.
  2. Pedicure
    Stretch yours for up to a month by applying a strengthening topcoat of polish four days after your pedicure and again four days after that.
  3. Lipstick
    If your favorite lippie flatlines, scoop out the extra bit (there's about half an inch of product left in there) with a small knife and place in a small pillbox. Enjoy for a week more!
  4. Nail Polish
    Bottle of nail paint getting lumpy? Pour a drop of polish remover shake well, and voila! Good as new.
  5. Haircut
    Got a new 'do from that hip but expensive salon? Take a picture of yourself right after the cut so you can bring it to your mom's suki hairdresser when you need a trim.
  6. Tinted Moisturizer
    Can't squeeze any more product out of that tube? Don't throw it out just yet! Snip the tube in half and transfer the remaining moisturizer into a plastic container.
  7. Pressed Powder
    About to toss your fave face powder because it's got a hard and shiny surface? Stop. Scrape off the problem part with a clean kitchen knife and presto! Enjoy fresh, new makeup.
  8. Hair Color
    Blew a month's allowance on a new shade? Keep your color looking brand new by using a shampoo that protects hair color.
  9. Mascara
    Crusty, clumpy mascara is a no-no on your lashes and on the wand. Rub a little petroleum jelly on the wand with your finger and wipe clean with a rag. Never use soap or water.
  10. Wax
    You endured the pain, so put off yout next visit by applying a shave-minimizing lotion after every bath. It slows down hair regrowth with daily use.
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