10 Awesome Pegs for Your Next Bestie Photo

Here's how you and your best friend can take the cutest snaps!
by Erin Torrejon   |  Jun 21, 2015
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Feel like a selfie is no longer enough to capture the special bond you and your bestie have? We totally feel you, which is why we went ahead and scoured the web a.k.a. our fave, Instagram, and searched for the cutest bestie photos we could find! So whether you're off to a trip together or just want to take the perfect photo you can use on your profile or as room decor, we've rounded-up the perfect pegs that you and your bestie can recreate!

 1  Take it back a few decades and grab your trusty polaroid camera for an old school feel to your photo! Go ahead and make some props to make the photo extra memorable.

 2  Put your fitness and gymnastic skills to the test by carrying your bestie and doing a cool stunt for your photo. 

 3  Go with a fashion theme by sporting the same piece in different ways! Make sure to sport sunglasses for a totally legit #ootd shot.


 4  Simply show off how you guys truly act when you're being silly and wacky! Leg extensions and couches for props are definitely a must.

 5  Sporting the same outfit because you're true besties? Simply take your cue from the twinning emojis and snap away!

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 6  Make your photo look extra fun by putting all your photo editing apps to us! The funkier, the better.

 7  Show off your awesome vacay with your bestie with a back shot that includes the pretty view you both get to enjoy.

 8  You can never go wrong with a top shot while you're both chilling on the grass and catching up!

 9  Whether it's truly candid or not, laughing photos will always, always be super cute.

 10  When all else fails, JUMP!



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