Step Up Your Ponytail Game With These Pretty Ponytail Variations

These 'dos prove that there is absolutely nothing boring about the ponytail.
by Janelle Yau   |  Jul 26, 2016
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A ponytail is your best bet when you want to stay fresh and look polish all day amidst the sweltering afternoon heat.  A lot of people find the ponytail too simple and sometimes boring, but we're showing you different ponytail variations that are too pretty for words. So scroll down and take your pick from these ponytail 'dos and step up your ponytail game in an instant.

Twisted side pony.

Don't limit yourself to the traditional ponytail. Keep your 'do interesting by pulling off a twisted side pony. It's refreshing, it's dainty, and it does the job of keeping your hair off your face.

Add texture and keep it messy!

Keep your ponytail messy and add a lot of texture to it for an exciting take on the classic pony.

Loose and low.

Gather your hair in an easy, loose, and low ponytail for a quick and effortless, but always stylish 'do.


Put a bow to it.

Add accessories like a bow to your pony to spice up your tresses!  

Braid it!

If you're looking for new ways to add some jazz into your mane, you can always count on braids to do just that. Incorporate braids into your ponytail for a pretty and preppy version of the ponytail.

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Do a crossover!

A messy ponytail can be chic and sophisticated when done right. Do a crossover ponytail for an unexpected and refreshing take on the ponytail.

Fake a mohawk.

Who said a mohawk can't be feminine? Fake a mohawk by gathering your hair into a high braid ponytail. Curl the ends of your hair to add some femininity into an otherwise masculine hairdo.

Which of these ponytails do you wanna give a shot first?

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