Dyan Zarzuela

Council of Cool 9, Managing Editor, Columnist
Stalks celebrities, watches TV, marathons movies, curls up with books, and flails at concerts for a living. Also: semi-hardcore Whovian.
Notes from a Candy Girl for life.
We can hardly wait for these new shows and returning favorites.
It sounds scary, but don't worry-you can go to a safe space that offers free and confidential HIV testing.
Are you ready for this month's films?
This is the family-friendly TV show you can watch this long weekend.
JoshLia's new rom-com, Ansel Elgort's music-driven heist film, the Cinemalaya Film Festival, and more!
The stars aligned and gifted us great music by Haim, LANY, Lana Del Rey, Oh Wonder, James Reid, and more artists.
Winter is here, but it's very much worth catching up on the earlier seasons of Game of Thrones.
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