Aprille Roselle Vince R. Juanillo

Candymag.com Correspondent
A faith-fueled Medical Technology student who is oftentimes nuzzling a book and clutching a pen, aiming to transform her thoughts to words. A heart and soul searcher. A medical doctor and professional writer in the making.


Three college students share their personal experience.
Three college students share their personal experience.
"We are long past the days when we would see each other face to face every day but the bond we share remains tight."
These are the benefits of living in a dorm.
It's going to be a "fake it till you make it day" every day.
"Whenever you would come across someone whose vein protrudes so visibly, your eyes would sparkle at the thought of how convenient that person would be as a patient."
Cheese bread, Bossing's Tempura, and more!
Date someone from Silliman University because all they need SU.
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