ZOMG, We Found the Perfect Streaming App for K-Drama and K-Pop Fans!

And it's legal, you guys!
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Dec 3, 2016
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Hands up if you're as excited as we are for Christmas vacay! We know, we know. It's really hard not to get all ecstatic for this wonderful time of the year. Hee hee. Aside from all the reunions and Christmas parties we have to go to (not to mention the food, OMG!), we're also looking forward to lying on our beds and catching up on our favorite shows. And speaking of favorite shows, we finally have the perfect streaming site for K-Drama and K-Pop fans!

A few days ago, we got to preview the streaming app and website Viu with chosen members of the media. It's a streaming site for us who are in looove with Korean entertainment. It's not only free, it's legal, too, which means that whenever we stream shows of our Korean idols, we're supporting their careers! And if you're worried about how updated they are, don't be. Viu will put up the latest ep of the show eight hours after it airs.


We've listed down a few shows we can't wait to watch this vacay below, OMG!

  1. Descendants of the Sun. Of course we have to watch the show again because Song Joong Ki.

  1. Love in the Moonlight. Park Bo Gum's smile and face is enough to take all the stress you got from the entire year, we promise. Also, let's not forget the wonderful story, please. He he he.

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  1. Doctors. Also known as Doctor Crush, we've been looking for a way to watch this medical drama for a while now. We knooow, we're already too late, but still!

  1. Running Man. FINALLY! It's not so hard to catch up on this variety show anymore. So excited to see some of our fave peeps have fun and make fun of themselves, too.

  1. Music Bank. Every K-Pop fan knows it's necessary to watch this as often as you can.

  1. We Got Married. You know how much we're suckers for romance here at the Candy HQ, so this is another must-watch for all of us. LF: Another couple we'll be shipping as hard as we did the Goguma couple—which was ages ago! Help us, will you?

  1. Return of Superman. This show is a personal fave and if you haven't even started watching the eps on YouTube, WHY? It's the easiest way to de-stress, promise. Cute daddies and cute Korean babies? YES, PLEASE!

Viu is free for download on Adroid and iOS. It delivers chosen shows from the top four Korean broadcast networks: CJ E&M, KBS, MBC, and SBS.

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