7 Fun Facts You Need to Know About Zendee

by Mary Joyce Bernal   |  Sep 8, 2021
Image: INSTAGRAM/zendeeofficial
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TikTok has a wide range of videos, from the comedic to the impressive. With TikTok remaining the most downloaded app in the Philippines, it’s no surprise that Filipinos flock to the video-sharing giant for any type of content that caters to their tastes. One of the local TikTokers who can create both comedic and charming videos is Zendee, a 30-year-old Filipina singer with over 11 million followers on TikTok. Talk about versatility!

Here are 7 things you need to know about Zendee:

Zendee is a Gemini

Zendee, born Zendee Rose Tenerefe, is born on June 21, 1991, making her a Gemini. Geminis are known for being sociable and sharp, so you can’t go wrong with their company—they’re one of the best people to hang out with.

Zendee was the “Random girl” in Megamall

Zendee may be a YouTube and TikTok sensation, but it was her rendition of Whitney Houston’s hit “I Will Always Love You” that made netizens dub her as the “Random Girl of SM Megamall.” It was the video that jumpstarted her career in the music industry, with Warner Music Philippines signing a record deal with her in that same year.


She also was invited to Ellen back in 2012, and she revealed during her guesting that she would occasionally perform at the karaoke inside the mall in hopes of grabbing the attention of people. “It was free,” she said, referring to the mall karaoke as a good opportunity to showcase her talent.

Since it was uploaded on YouTube nine years ago, the viral video that introduced Zendee to the world now has more than 21 million views as of writing.

Zendee has a nose piercing

If you’re looking for a sign to get your nose pierced, this is probably it. Last year, Zendee got her left nostril pierced. While she no longer sports the look, it’s not up for debate that our powerhouse singer rocked the look.

Zendee has the sweetest friendship with Marvin Fojas

With their tandem (or loveteam) called #MarDee by fans, Marvin Fojas and Zendee are two TikTok influencers with a genuine friendship we can’t help but love. They make their fans feel kilig whenever they collaborate for a TikTok video, as seen here:

watch now

GUSTO KO LANG NAMAN NG SWEET CONTENT @marvsfojas HAHAHAHHAHAA #mardeee #zendeechallenge #LAGI

? Lagi by Skusta Clee - Andrea Reyes

Aside from Marvin, another internet sensation you can find in her videos is Yanyan De Jesus. Yanyan is a dancer and choreographer who completes the #MarDeeYan trio. The three of them occasionally go out, with Yanyan being dubbed—jokingly, of course—as Marvin and Zendee’s third wheel. You can watch this trio’s videos by looking up #MarDeeYan on TikTok and Youtube.

Here’s how Marvin and Yanyan surprised Zendee for her birthday in June:


Happy birthday @zendeeofficial !! Yung last part talaga ehh ???? @yanyandejesus1 #mardee #mardeeyan

? Astronaut In The Ocean - Masked Wolf

Zendee can collaborate with just about anyone

With her outgoing personality, Zendee has collaborated with a lot of TikTok influencers and famous content creators and celebrities. She performed a duet for a livestream with KZ Tandingan (who’s another talented musician from Mindanao) and recently worked with TikTok Philippines for her own version of the viral Bisaya song “Cutie Uyyy”.

While she did not have a direct collaboration with Jessie J, one of her most watched videos is her singing along to the pre-recorded video of the pop singer-songwriter singing one of her greatest hits, “Flashlight”, in 2015. If they really do end up doing a collaboration, we’d be super thrilled!

Zendee has been an A’TIN for a long time

Meeting SB19 is at the top of every A’TIN’s (a member of the SB19 fandom, pronounced
“eighteen”) bucket list, and Zendee finally got to tick that box off her list. In a recent vlog, Zendee could not hold back her excitement when she finally got to meet her idols through the TikTok Awards. Anyone would think they’ve been friends for a long time because of how comfortable Zendee was with the local P-pop boy group.


The members also seemed to have easily warmed up to her, with them occasionally goofing around in front of the camera. SB19’s Justin shared to Zendee that the latter was his kuya’s favorite TikToker, and Zendee later revealed to the boys that she’s been watching SB19’s videos since their pre-debut days. Awww!

Zendee took home the Top Talent Award from this year’s TikTok Awards

Zendee won the Top Talent Award from the country’s first TikTok awards last year, sharing the award with Marvin Fojas and Yanyan De Jesus. Friendship goals, TBH! Other notable winners from this year’s TikTok awards are SB19 for Top Celebrity Award and the dance duo siblings Ranz and Niana for Top Creator of the Year.

You can watch Zendee on TikTok at here.

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