Zayn Malik Finally Drops the "1D" in His Twitter Display Name

And it's breaking our hearts more than we thought it would.
by Macy Alcaraz   |  May 2, 2015
PHOTO Twitter (@zaynmalik)
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We knew it was going to happen eventually. But when Zayn Malik took to his Twitter to churn one of his poignant one-liners (ended with his version of a kiss mark, of course), the first thing we noticed was his Twitter display name. WHERE IS ZAYNMALIK1D? There must be something wrong with our app. We hit refresh and there it was loud and clear: zaynmalik1D is now just zaynmalik.



He's even removed "" from his Twitter bio. It's finally sinking in. The boy from Bradford is really no longer part of One Direction and he's slowly making the transition on social media. We can't help but be nostalgic (especially since we caught One Direction: This Is Us on TV yesterday), and it seems like we're not alone. Yesterday, #YouWillAlwaysBeZaynMalik1D was trending worldwide all day. Fans expressed their sadness about Zayn's Twitter name change plus the subtle changes he made to his bio, too.




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