Ysabel Ortega on Graduating From College While in Showbiz: ‘People told me to just choose’

She graduated with a degree in Political Economy!
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Aug 17, 2021
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Earning a college degree is hard enough as it is. Doing so in the middle of a pandemic and while working at the side is a whole new ball game. GMA actress Ysabel Ortega is part of the Class of 2021, who's had to transition from face-to-face classes to an online setup. Despite the challenges, Ysabel is proud to say that she has finally earned her degree in Political Economy from University of Asia and the Pacific after four years. It wasn't without setbacks, though, and Ysabel shared that she's had a few people doubt her ability to balance both showbiz and school.

In an Instagram post, Ysabel celebrated her new milestone and shared a glimpse of the challenges she went through to earn her degree. " I remember keeping myself awake and sane in class using cans of energy drinks and coffee, along with matching nervous breakdowns whenever I had to leave exams early just to make it to work on time, vice versa," she shares.

It even came to a point where people had to tell her to just choose between pursuing her showbiz career and focusing on her studies, and at some point, she came close to believing that she's only capable of pursuing one over the other instead of both. She recalls, "Some told me to drop out and focus on my work, while others told me to quit showbiz and focus on my studies instead."

Despite some doubters, Ysabel is thankful for the support of the people around her and made sure to express her gratitude to them, which include her parents, her blockmates, and her professors. "I may not be getting my graduation march, but I’m still as grateful and as proud of what I have accomplished," she adds.

In the past four years, Ysabel has starred in various shows on GMA, including Pusong Ligaw, The Gift, and Araw Gabi. She most notably landed one of the lead roles in Voltes V: Legacy, the local adaptation of the popular anime TV series.


Congratulations, Ysabel!

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