Here's What YouTuber Architect Oliver Austria Thinks of Loisa Andalio's House

Loisa's house garnered mixed opinions from netizens.
by The Candy Staff   |  Dec 4, 2020
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On November 26, actress and PBB alum Loisa Andalio uploaded a "raw" house tour vlog on LoiNieTV, the YouTube channel she shares with boyfriend and fellow actor Ronnie Alonte. Since being uploaded, the vlog has garnered mixed opinions from netizens and professionals after Loisa mentioned that they didn't hire an architect to work on the house and that it's just purely their own design.

Architect Oliver Austria, known for his reaction YouTube videos, finally shared his thoughts on the now-viral house of the actress and it is getting praise from netizens.

Loisa's no-architect remark

In the vlog, Loisa gave her subscribers a sneak peek at what she's been dedicating years of hard work in the industry to. Prior to entering the showbiz industry and saving up for her own space, she and her family would live with relatives. 

She also shared how it took a year for her to finally complete her house. Loisa would work on each part one by one every time a project comes. "O, 'pag may pumasok sa aking raket, o eto naman bintana naman."


What took viewers by suprise was when Loisa said that the did not hire an architect and that the house they had built was just entirely their design. Many were concerned about the possibility of encountering issues regarding the safety and practicality of the house, which otherwise would have been addressed by hiring professionals. Others came to Loisa's defense and claimed that majority of Filipinos can't afford to hire professionals when having their houses built.

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Architect's reaction

Austria is known for uploading his honest reactions and professional takes on celebrity houses. Aside from his own opinion, he would also insert fun facts and trivia related to architecture and house construction in every reaction video. He's previously reacted to celebrity house tours like Bea Alonzo's and JaMill's. After Loisa's vlog has gone viral, the architect listened to fans' request and shared his thoughts. 

One of the things that the architect noticed about Loisa's house was that it seemingly maximized the land area instead of allotting space between the house and the propety line. "Normally, 'pag meron tayong lote, dapat meron tayong setbacks," Austria explains. "Ang pinaka normal na setback is, sa harap may 3 meters tayo, and then both sides may 2-meter setbacks, sa likod 2-meter setback ulit."


According to him, this isn't advisable because of a law called the Law of Eminent Domain which basically allows the government to use a part of private property for public use. This is usually used for road expansions and the like.

Austria also noticed the narrow staircase of Loisa's house. While there aren't any rules regarding how wide staircases should be, Austria says that he personally would allot a minimum of 90 centimeters for two reasons: one is that this width allows two people to pass through it and that it also gives enough space for bringing up furniture to upper floors.


While Austria repeatedly emphasized throughout the video the importance of hiring not just architects but also engineers to work on your house for safety purposes, he also tried to express empathy for not knowing the full story as to why Loisa chose not to get professional help. During the video, the architect also opened up about his own experience of not having their own home as a child, just like Loisa's back story. "I think I understand kung bakit, dahil sinabi nga ni ma'am Loisa sa umpisa is, nakikitira lang sila. So I understand yung feeling na wala kayong totoong bahay kasi dati nga, nagre-rent kami. And also nabanggit ni ma'am Loisa kanina na inunti-unti nila yung pag-construct ng bahay na 'to." Still, the architect stands firm that if you can afford it, it's always best to consult with professionals.


Watch Oliver Austria's full reaction video:

Watch Loisa Andalio's house tour:


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