These YouTube Channels Will Help You Learn Korean for ~Free~

Goal: To watch K-dramas without English subtitles!
  |  Nov 20, 2020
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Ever felt like you were missing out each time a caption or text overlay pops up while you're watching a Korean drama or variety show? If learning Korean has been on your bucket list since forever, cross that item off and subscribe to one of these YouTube channels.

Whether it's 5 minutes, 15, or even 50, make time to learn Hangul—and don't forget, consistency is key, so practice daily! Try posting a message in Korean (that you typed out, not one copied off the internet!) on your oppa's Instagram account next time. *winks*

1. Talk To Me In Korean

If you're a beginner Hangul student, chances are you've heard of (or at least seen) the Talk To Me In Korean workbooks online. TTMIK is extremely useful for conversational learning—from everyday expressions to sightseeing and K-dramas, prep yourself for that future trip to Seoul!

2. Miss Vicky

Teacher Vicky is a native Korean speaker, and her videos are very easy to follow along to. She's even organized lessons into playlists, so you can skip ahead to "Korean Conjunctions" or "Korean Verb & Adjective Conjugation" if you've mastered the basics!


3. Kali

If you prefer to learn alongside a fellow student, meet Kali, who is currently a university student in Seoul. Aside from Korean self-study tips, Kali also vlogs her experience as a foreign student in Korea—check out her apartment tour, for example!

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4. Korean Unnie

Unnie (older sister) makes learning Korean fun and easy—she keeps her videos short, so you can easily look up a specific word or phrase instead of wading through an entire 30-minute lesson. Plus, take a peek at her enviable fangirl life—she's interviewed Tiffany Young and KARD, and attended BTS' Wembley Stadium performance in London!

5. Learn Korean with GO! Billy Korean

Billy is an American who's studied Korean since 2005! He lived in Korea and has a B.A. in Korean, so you can trust his tips on improving your pronunciation—after all, he went through the same process!

6. Learn Korean with

Are you the type of student that needs to practice reading and writing over and over to get lessons to stick? Korean Class 101 might be the perfect fit for you. Aside from their collection of video lessons, the website also offers free downloadable PDFs for you to practice your Hangul writing and reading comprehension skills.



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