3 Reasons to Stan This K-Pop-Inspired Pop Fiction Book

This book will bring out the romantic K-Pop fan in you.
by areyaysii   |  Jan 23, 2021
Image: Pop Fiction
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In Pop Fiction’s Your Smile In Another Life, come for the K-Pop, but stay for the love story.

This, in a gist, is why areyaysii—the author of popular Pop Fiction novel Moving Into My Ex’s House—loves this book so much. We interviewed her about the many feels she had after finishing this Wattpad book. The main characters, Luna and Chance, are soulmates, and in this Pop Fiction Originals collaboration, the three authors (whenitcomestolove, helenaelise, and yam-yam28) weave a tale about how lovers can find each other over and over again in different lifetimes.

Pop Fiction Book Review: Your Smile In Another Life

If you’re waiting for a sign to read Your Smile In Another Life, then this is it. areyaysii is giving you her three reasons to take a leap of faith for this book... just as those young lovers do.

Needless to say, ~*spoilers ahead*~


K-Pop! Need we say more?

Whether we admit it or not, we’ve all liked at least one K-Pop song in our lives. Even if we don’t understand the lyrics, we like them anyway. Luna started off liking a song by DIA:MOND, and it eventually turned her into a fangirl.

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And I can totally relate to this level of fangirling. Watching random videos? Check! Downloading all albums? Check! Having a stan account? Check! Buying albums? Check! Fighting for concert tickets? Check! I’ve done all of these, and if you’re like me, you can surely relate to Luna and the things she does just for her favorite group.

Trust is at the very core of the story.

The three stories about Chance and Luna’s lifetimes showed me the many ways that trust can break or make a relationship. It’s not easy to open up to others, and it’s not easy to trust other people—especially someone you’ve just met. So if you’ve found someone you can trust openly and completely, cherish him. Don’t take the trust you’ve given each other so lightly that you run the risk of ruining it.


Here are the three things I learned from Chance and Luna about trust:

Breaking someone’s trust, or simply telling a lie, can break the bond that you have with another person.

Making assumptions is sometimes just a waste of time—time that could have been spent with each other instead.

Trust can make life more fun.

One way or another, trust is vital to our lives and relationships. Chance and Luna showed me why I need to cherish and give importance to trust.

Sometimes all it takes is faith.

Luna and Chance’s three lifetimes teach us not to be afraid to take a leap of faith.

Many times in our lives, we will be faced with decisions that may not always go our way, but the book teaches us to go for it anyway. If we don’t, and we only focus on the bad things that may happen, then we’ll forever be stuck thinking only of the what-ifs. Luna and Chance teach us that in this life, we need to take risk for the things that will make us happy.


We get very few chances in life, and if we waste time pondering on consequences, then we won’t be able to fully appreciate the life we have now.

Honestly, I could go on and give you more reasons to read this book—but I’m afraid that I’ll slip and give you spoilers. Go and give the stories of Luna and Chance a, well, chance.

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