Your Guide to the Coolest New and Returning Shows

by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Sep 10, 2015
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 1  Scream Queens (September 23, 4 pm via satellite and 9 pm primetime on ETC)

This star-studded show is like Scream x Mean Girls, so how can you go wrong? Emma Roberts, Ariana Grande, Lea Michele, and Skyler Samuels play sorority sisters and rushees, and Nick Jonas and Diego Boneta join in on the fun.

 2  Heroes Reborn (September 25, 2:30 pm via satellite and 8 pm primetime on JackTV)

The story of Heroes continues in this mini series starring all-new supernaturally blessed characters and a few familiar faces (Hiro!). With Zachary Levi from cult hit show Chuck joining them as a baddie, it's almost like the '00s all over again.

 3  Minority Report (September 22, 3:25 pm via satellite and 8:55 pm primetime on JackTV)

Ever wonder what happened to the precogs (read: psychics) after the pre-crime program was shut down in the movie Minority Report? Set in 2065, this show follows a precog and a cop, who pair up to save the future. You might spot a familiar face here: Wilmer Valderrama a.k.a. Fez from That '70s Show a.k.a. Demi Lovato's bae!

 4  Empire (September 24, 2:30 pm via satellite and 7:05 pm primetime on JackTV)

Our favorite soap opera about music royalty teases its return with two new songs, "No Doubt About It" and "Ain't About the Money."

 5  Once Upon A Time (September 27 in the US)

What happens when the savior turns evil? Say goodbye to Emma Swan and hello to the Dark Swan.

 6  Brooklyn Nine-Nine (September 27 in the US)


The new captain is clearly ruled by Emotions, specifically Anger and Disgust.

 7  The Flash (October 7, 3 pm via satellite and 8 pm primetime on JackTV)

Last time we saw Barry, he was super speeding into a black hole to shut it down. Were his efforts enough to save the world? Was he right to let his mom die when he traveled back in time? Is Harrison Wells a.k.a. the Reverse Flash really back? Find out when The Flash returns for another timey wimey season.  

 8  Arrow (October 8, 8 pm on JackTV)

Oliver and Felicity can't have nice things for long—their happy little bubble is popped by new baddies causing chaos in Starling City.  

 9  The Vampire Diaries (October 9, 3 pm via satellite and 8 pm primetime on ETC)

The only good thing about Elena being gone for the next few decades is Damon going back to his season one self, the one we fell for in the first place.

 10  Reign (October 12, 9 pm on ETC)

Mary's got 99 problems starting with the deadly plague.

 11  The Walking Dead (October 12 in the US)

Rick's group may have found a home, but can they protect it from outside (and inside) forces? If you can’t wait till next month for your zombie fix, check out the companion series Fear the Walking Dead.  

 12  iZombie (October 20, 8 pm on ETC)

Last time we saw Liv, she stabbed both alpha zombie Blaine and ex-boyfriend Major with the cure, but couldn't donate blood to save her seriously injured brother. How's that for irony?

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 13  Supergirl (October 27, 2:30 pm via satellite and 8 pm primetime on JackTV)

From Lea Michele in Scream Queens to Melissa Benoist starring in this super show, the Gleeks are taking over the world! 

What show are you excited to see? Leave a comment below or join the conversation on Twitter @candymagdotcom.

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