Your Cheat Sheet to the New and Renewed TV Shows

Needless to say, spoiler alert!
by Dyan Zarzuela   |  May 19, 2014
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  1. The Flash, Arrow’s spin-off, looks super freaking cool. Starring Grant Gustin (yes, the wicked Warbler from Glee), it’s like the younger, funnier, more awkward brother of Arrow.

  2. And so does the Batman prequel, Gotham. Judging from the dark, gritty trailer, Gotham means serious business. It stars Ben McKenzie from The O.C. as a young Jim Gordon.

  3. Alaric (Matt Davis) is really back on The Vampire Diaries! If you can recall, Alaric was killed off a while back, and Matt went on to star in the short-lived series Cult. We don’t know if Stefan or Damon will be coming back from the dead—of course they have to, right?—but at least Alaric’s there for our feels.
  4. The Pretty Little Liars take center stage. We’ll find out exactly what’s happening here when the show returns in June.  

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    Pretty Little Liars
  5. Yes, that was Frozen’s Elsa on Once Upon A Time. No word yet on who'll play the ice queen, but we have this spoiler-heavy clip from the finale to play over and over again.

  6. You might have helped renew Beauty and the Beast for season three. It rated lower than The Tomorrow People, but The CW chose to renew it over the latter because of “great international interest (and) social engagement.” Lesson learned: keep tweeting about your favorite shows! (RIP, The Carrie Diaries.)

  7. There’s a new breed of zombies in town. iZombie is about a zombie who eats brains to maintain her humanity, and inherits the corpse’s memories as a nasty side effect. “With the help of her medical examiner boss and a police detective, she solves homicide cases in order to quiet the disturbing voices in her head.” Here’s something to quiet the disturbing thoughts you might have after digesting the synopsis: Rob Thomas, the brilliant guy behind cult hit Veronica Mars, is co-developing the comic book-based series.


  8. The mother from How I Met Your Mother meets a new guy. Cristin Milioti stars in rom-com A to Z, as the practical Zelda. It’s not the HIMYM spin-off that didn’t quite take off (How I Met Your Dad), but it might just be the next best thing.

  9. Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan has her own show. Loosely based on the musical My Fair Lady, Selfie is about a narcissistic social media queen who asks for an image rehab from Star Trek’s John Chu. (Speaking of, Doctor Who’s David Tennant also has a new show called Gracepoint, a US adaptation of the UK series Broadchurch, which also stars David. Yes, he's playing the same character. Yes, we can say it's a Tenception.)

  10. The Marvel Universe expands with Agent Carter. The Captain America spin-off follows the adventures of Hayley Atwell as SSR spy Peggy Carter in 1946.

  11. Your favorite Gleeks could come back in Glee’s next and final season. "Anybody who wants to be a part of that ending, we’d love to have you," said showrunner Ryan Murphy. He also revealed that Glee’s final scene will most likely feature Rachel and Mr. Schue.


  12. Welcome another onscreen anti-hero: John Constantine. Based on the comics character, Constantine looks plenty scary—a lights-on show, definitely.


  13. The funny girl from Crazy, Stupid, Love and Warm Bodies is finally starring in her own rom-com. Analeigh Tipton headlines Manhattan Love Story, a show about dating—with closed captioning. Watch the hilarious trailer below.

  14. The Supernatural spin-off isn't happening… right now. Bloodlines "didn't quite get there," says The CW President Mark Pedowitz, but the network is bent on creating a spin-off from the beloved series.

  15. Reality TV levels up. Forget about singing shows and around-the-world races—Utopia is about 15 ordinary people who move to an isolated location for an entire year (!!!) to build their own civilization

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