11 Fast Facts You Need to Know About SBTown's New Girl Group YGIG

by Nikko Tuazon for Pep.ph   |  Dec 7, 2022
Image: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Twitter/ygig_official, Jonnie Anne Ngo
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There's a new P-Pop girl group in town!

Talent agency SBTown (Show Biz Town) officially launched its first girl group called YGIG at a press conference held on Thursday, November 24, 2022, in Quezon City.

During the press launch, the seven-member P-Pop girl group—composed of Alexei, Maeg, JM, Vien, Darlene, Hazelyn, and Jewel—also released their debut single "Shaba Shaba."

Members of the press got to know more about the group during the question-and-answer segment of their presscon.

Here are 1things we learned about them:

1. YGIG trained under SBTown President and CEO Geong Seong Han, and Adie Hong.

Seong Han and Adie are familiar faces to P-Pop fans, who refer to them as Tatang Robin and Hongganda, respectively.

The two are credited as the mentors of SB19, the first P-Pop group that debuted under Tatang Robin's previous talent agency ShowBT Philippines.

According to a statement released on SBTown's official Facebook page last October 22, 2022, Tatang Robin has already sold ShowBT Philippines to Charles Kim.


2. The group's name YGIG is an abbreviation of the phrase "You Go, I Go."

Tatang Robin revealed that the inspiration behind the group's name was actually a line from one of his favorite movies titled Backdraft (1991).

He added, as translated in English,"The definition I want [for the group]... is don't give up, let's go together. This is a message I want to relay to the young generation: don't give up on your dreams and we will be here to go with you."

3. Darlene was a finalist of The Voice Kids.

Darlene, who introduced herself as the "power" of the group, was in the Kapamilya reality show's first season that aired in 2014. She was part of coach Lea Salonga's team.

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4. The group trained for four years.

Adie revealed they started forming the girl group in late 2019, the time when SB19 started going viral with their sophomore single "Go Up."

5. YGIG started training through video calls because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Asked about their training experience, Alexei listed down some of the challenges she encountered.

She said, "Every day po, our training would last eight to nine hours po. And then the other days, mas mahaba pa po yun.

"And we had to monitor and regulate our food intake to make po na sure we're in good condition and that we could train and perform well.

"It definitely wasn't easy po and it required a lot of physical and mental strength. But, of course, we needed to do all of that in order to reach where we are today and even further in the future.

"And with the help and support of every member, together we were able to endure and persevere through all of that and we will continue to do so."


For her part, Maeg shared some of her most memorable experiences since she joined the group.

"We started off... Online so nagte-training lang po kami online through video calls. And then, eventually, nag-move on po kami sa offline [training].

"And the very, very first day po na nagkita kami offline is a very memorable experience po para sa akin because it was the first time that we ever got to talk to each other face to face.

"And parang hindi lang first time yun, like, matagal na po kami nagsama dati. So it felt like a really special day po."

She continued, "I think the memorable experience naman po is the first time that we heard the recorded version po of our debut song 'Shaba Shaba.'

"It was a very surreal experience po dahil siyempre po, napakinggan po namin first time yung boses ng mga members sa speakers, 'Ah! that's us!'


"Tapos si Sir Robin po, after niya marinig, he congratulated us. Sabi niya po, 'Good job! I'm so proud of you.'

"So parang lahat po ng years and months po ng training naging worth it na po through that one song."

6. YGIG members are training to write their own lyrics and choreograph their own dances.

At the press conference, Vien revealed that all the members of the group had inputs for their debut single "Shaba Shaba."

Vien expounded, "The choreography of the song po was a combined effort of all of the members and a Korean choreographer.

"With the help of the company po, and their guidance as well po, we were able to conceptualize the choreography, as well as, come up with the 'three-point' dance po.

"From lyrics to choreography po, it was a combined effort of all the members and the company as well."

7. The group has two big goals.


According to Hazelyn, their biggest goals are to be "nominated in Billboard and have a nationwide concert."

8. The members don't have a specific role in the group.

In K-Pop or in some P-Pop groups, members are assigned to a specific role. But Adie said the members of YGIG are trained to be very versatile and be all-around members of the group that are "able to do the rap, singing, and dancing."

For their debut single "Shaba Shaba," Alexei and JM served as the main rappers.

Both Maeg and Jewel took on the roles of sub-vocalist and rapper.

Vien was the main dancer and also a rapper.

Darlene was appointed as the main vocalist. Meanwhile, Hazelyn assumed the role of the lead vocalist.

9. They have their own musical influences and idols.

Darlene's musical influence is Ariana Grande, while Vien named SB19 as her ultimate idol.

10. YGIG plans to promote "young Filipino culture" through its songs and dances.


As Maeg put it, "As YGIG, we want to show a different side of our culture—the Filipino culture—especially the young Filipino culture. We want to express this through our music, our lyrics, our choreography.

"And adding to the fact that we are part of the creative production of our team, we write the lyrics, we choreograph the dance, I feel like if we continue to go through with our path, we will eventually be able to not only spread young Filipino culture locally but globally as well."

11. The group doesn't have an official fandom name yet.

But Tatang Robin is considering the name "We Go" for the girl group's fan club.

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* Minor edits have been made by the Candymag.com editors.

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