Year-Ender Comebacks

Council of Cool 10 reviews CDs from Girls' Generation, SHINee, Colbie Caillat, Sean Kingston, and more from 2009.
  |  Dec 27, 2009
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Artist: SHINee
Album: SHINee

"Romeo, Romeo, where forth are thou Romeo?" Ladies, let's don the drama a bit for our very own Romeos have finally arrived! Here comes the new Korean boy band "Shinee" and they are ready to burst into the music scene with new sounds and hot, fresh dance moves. With hit singles like, "Juliette", "Senorita" and "Please Don't Go", sung by Onew, Tae Min, Jong Hyun, Min Ho and Key, who wouldn't want to be with any of these Korean cuties as they sing to us Juliettes with such enthusiasm? Nothing beats being serenaded by five adorable Chinitos, and their mellow voices will definitely make any girl swoon. —Keisha Go

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Artist: Noel Cabangon
Album: Byahe

Five Good Reasons Why You Should Ride With Noel Cabangon's Byahe:

  1. The album packaging is just wicked. Inside are postcards of Mr. Cabangon on his various trips around Europe, with the lyrics printed lightly on one side.
  2. It's sheer acoustic fest, even those who prefer to rock it electric would find this enjoyable - a steady, smooth break from all those heavy riffs.
  3. "Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Mo", "Binibini", "Tuloy Pa Rin", "Ipagpatawad Mo". (The last two are my absolute favorites) Sounds familiar? They probably echo the soundtrack of your childhood, OPM CDs perennially on loop. The rearrangements are just spectacular - often smooth, always soothing.
  4. Check out two of his three "new" songs: "Kanlungan" (Yes, the one that perennially looped through your head because of that "jolly" ad - Pana-panahon ang pagkakataon, maibabalik pa ba ang kahapon?) with Imago frontwoman Aia de Leon and the absolutely fun and sunny "Dito Sa Kanto" with Parokya ni Edgar's Chito Miranda.
  5. Get ready from some Motormouth moments! Once this is spinning in your car's stereo, you can say goodbye to your parents' dictatorship over the player, and all the time bickering can be spent singing along to songs you both know! —Vicky Marquez

Chasing Lights


Artist: The Saturdays
Album: Chasing Lights

Does your schoolwork make you wish the weekend would come earlier? Then give the Saturdays' debut album, Chasing Lights, a spin! This 5-girl pop group from the UK can sure get you in the mood for a fun-filled Saturday spent with your girls. Embarking on that much-planned out-of-town trip with your ladies? Sing along to "Why Me, Why Now" while on the road. One of your friends got dumped by a heartless jerk? Include this CD in your care package of ice cream, pillows and tissues, and play "Fall" while she cries her heart out. Getting ready to paint the town red with your girls? Get the party started with "If This Is Love" and be ready to dance the night away! Armed with catchy tunes, oozing with girl power, and looking smokin' without baring skin, the Saturdays is one hot band to watch out for. Girl bands of the world look out - you've got fierce competition! —Mars Salazar



Artist: Sean Kingston
Album: Tomorrow

From his early beginnings as a young pop-reggae artist, his second album "Tomorrow" takes him several levels higher in the international music scene. Reintroducing himself with the help of animation, his music is just as dynamic and animated. "Tomorrow" explored and combined different music styles with reggae: hip-hop, electropop, and even punk rock through collaborating with Good Charlotte in the song "Shoulda Let Go".

Sean Kingston has it all covered. Whether you're on the dance floor partying the night away with "Fire Burning" or wistfully pondering about life and love in your room with the songs "Magical" and "Tomorrow", his lyrics always stick. From slow, moderate, to upbeat, he brings forth a wide range of tempos to fit whatever mood you are in. No matter what song of his you listen to, your head can't help but move along, bobbing with the pulsing beats and rhythm-soaked vibes. This album brings you closer to tomorrow, where everything is fresh and unlike any other. —Leslie Lipa


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