OMG! Xyriel Manabat Just *Hard-Launched* Her Relationship With Her Boyfriend

They're sooo adorbs together!
by Cosmopolitan Philippines   |  Jun 11, 2023
Image: Instagram/xyrielmanabat_
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Xyriel Manabat might look strong and fearless on the outside—but just like any normal human being, she’s been through hardships, too—which is why we’re soo happy when she recently posted about her love life on Insta. (Obvs, it's *not* the only thing that gives her joy—but we're suckers for celebs happily in love!)

The young actress, who has recently taught bashers how to better treat women and *not* discourage them from loving their own bodies, went to her social page to *hard launch* her BF by posting a sweet carousel of their recent Baguio trip. “Biglaang Baguio trip,” she wrote. With my spontaneous, late night taga-aya, kunsintidor, source of happiness, lifetime ride or die, super BFF, pogiest boyfriend.”

She also tagged the lucky guy on IG, named Nathaniel Toledo.

In the pics, the former child star looked lovey-dovey with her beau, embarking on a motorcycle ride on their trip to the City of Pines. The comments section was turned off, but her friends, including Andrea Brillantes, expressed their support by liking the subtle IG announcement.


Take a look at their romantic couple pics below:

So cute. We’re happy for you, Xyriel!

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