6 Things You Might Not Know About Xyriel Manabat

Now 18, Xyriel is all grown up and ready to take on the world.
by The Candy Staff   |  Apr 23, 2022
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Several of our favorite up-and-coming Gen Z stars are newcomers in the industry, but there are also those who have built a career in showbiz as young actors and actresses. Among the former child stars that we're keen to watch for is Xyriel Manabat.

After cementing her status as a talented child actress, Xyriel is making her comeback in the local showbiz scene as a full-fledged adult. Now 18, Xyriel is all grown up and ready to take on the world. In case you want to catch up on what the 18-year-old Gen Z star has been up to, here's a quick refresher about Xyriel.

Here are a few things you might not know about former child star Xyriel Manabat:

Xyriel was born in 2004.

Xyriel Anne Bustamante Manabat was born on January 27, 2004 and is most known for her role in 100 Days to Heaven. In the said teleserye, Xyriel played a gutsy CEO trapped in a kid’s body. Her adult counterpart is veteran actress Coney Reyes, so viewers were very much impressed at how Xyriel justified her mataray and mature role at the young age of seven.


Prior to starring in the hit teleserye, Xyriel joined the reality talent competition Star Circle Kid Quest: Search for the Kiddie Idol where she placed third. One of her batchmates is fellow child star Bugoy Cariño, who ended up winning the season. Xyriel returned in the next season as a kiddie co-host alongside Bugoy.

Xyriel also starred in other popular teleseryes.

At that time, Xyriel was one of the go-to actresses to portray kids in teleseryes. One of the TV shows under her portfolio is the teleserye Agua Bendita starring Andi Eigenmann. In Agua Bendita, Xyriel portrayed the younger version of the main characters. She also starred in A Mother's Story, Mano po 6: A Mother's Love, May Bukas Pa, and Momay, to name a few.

Xyriel graduated high school in 2020.

Despite establishing a growing career as a child star, Xyriel decided to pursue her studies. In 2020, Xyriel graduated from the Golden Faith Academy in Taytay, Rizal and proudly posted this milestone on Instagram. Congrats on this achievement, Xyriel!

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Xyriel’s Instagram account is @xyrielmanabat_.

Speaking of Instagram, you can catch up on what Xyriel has been up to recently through her Instagram account. Xyriel's Insta handle is @xyrielmanabat_ and there, you'll learn that she's a booked and busy gal with her sponsored posts and confident OOTDs.


From a sweet little girl to a more daring teenager, onlookers have noticed that Xyriel isn't afraid of posting "sexy" photos of herself. Even though her parents initially did not agree with this, Xyriel went on to explain in an interview that, "If mababastos po ako, hindi naman po yun dahil sa suot ko. Hindi naman po ako nage-express ng sarili ko to call attention."

And even though she feels affected by the lewd comments she gets sometimes, Xyriel stands her ground and says that it's an opportunity for her to educate people when it comes to giving unsolicited comments about how a person looks or dresses up.

Xyriel is open to being in a love team with fellow child star Zaijan Jaranilla.

ICYDK, Xyriel also appeared in the TV series May Bukas Pa and Ikaw Ay Pag-ibig, both of which Zaijan topbilled as a child actor himself. In a recent interview, Xyriel revealed that she's actually open to the idea of forming a love team partnership with Zaijan! Xyriel also clarified that Zaijan is like an older brother to her, and because of their close bond, she feels as though they can give justice to their roles. While there aren't any solid plans as of the moment, we will certainly look forward to a potential team-up between the two!


Xyriel has a cool set of piercings.

And nope, they're not just regular piercings, but chest piercings! Also called dermal piercings, these types of adornment don't have a separate entry and exit point unlike the regular types we get on our ears. It's not exactly a type of piercing recommended for newbies, but Xyriel is no stranger to piercings. She also has a couple of lobe piercings which she curates with different types of earrings from time to time.




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