Why You Should Watch the Korean Thriller Train to Busan

It's a zombie film like no other.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Sep 2, 2016
Image: Next Entertainment World
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By now, you've already seen the trailer for the Korean zombie thriller Train to Busan. It's been circulating on Facebook since its release earlier this year.

After seeing the first clip from the movie, we've been on the lookout for its release date in the Philippines. And finally, that day has come. If you're not yet convinced on why you should hit the cinemas with your family and friends this weekend to watch the movie, then here are some things to convince you.

1. Train to Busan is the first Korean movie to hit the 10-million viewers mark. (via Soompi.com)

The movie, which was screened at the 69th Cannes Film Festival, is also one of Korea's "Big 4" summer blockbusters, including Operation Chromite, The Last Princess, and Tunnel.

2. It's not like World War Z or The Walking Dead...


The zombies are strong and they almost move at lightning speed that escaping them would be close to impossible. Now imagine being trapped with hundreds of them in a train that can't stop anywhere because other stations are infested with zombies, too.


3. International producers already want to remake it.

Train to Busan has already attracted film companies like 20th Century Fox and Sony Pictures for a remake... which we really don't want to happen because remakes tend to ruin them for us. Remember what happened to Shutter and our very own Sigaw?

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4. Train to Busan offers zombie apocalypse with the South Korean twist.

If there's something I personally love about Korean movies, it's the way they tug at heartstrings regardless of the movie genre. Although this movie is a thriller, Train to Busan still shows the best part of us, humans—that even under the worst conditions and difficult circumstances, we still have the ability to love and show compassion, even if some people choose not to.

5. One name: Gong Yoo


You might have seen him in rom-coms in the big screen and on the small screen (remember Coffee Prince?), so it's refreshing to see him as a badass dad who will do anything and everything to save his daughter's life and future.


Train to Busan is now showing in cinemas nationwide.

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