Why You Should See Twilight

by Macy Alcaraz   |  Dec 1, 2008
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Twilight just hit theaters nationwide last week. If you haven't already seen it, we're giving you 7 reasons why you should go ahead and buy your ticket right now!

  1. You haven't read the book. It doesn't matter! Twilight is basically a love story. The only thing not basic about it is that, well, it involves a vampire. And if you're not afraid of spoilers, there might actually be a few reasons why the movie could possibly be better than the book.
  2. It raked in $70.6M in the box office on the weekend it came out in the US. If that doesn't make you curious enough about the movie...
  3. See why Robert Pattinson makes teen girls shriek even if fans initially wanted him out of the movie when he was first cast.
  4. Try to spot Twilight author Stephenie Meyer's cameo in the film. Apparently, she's also vegetarian—in that scene, anyway. :P
  5. Ever wondered why vampires need to wait for a thunderstorm so they can play ball? Well, you'll have to go see the movie to find out.
  6. Do you know that Twilight was inspired by a dream? Watch the meadow scene that sparked the birth of Edward and Bella and the Twilight series.
  7. You really don't want to have a blank look on your face when your classmates start spewing lines from the movie, do you?
Twilight is now showing in cinemas nationwide. Also, grab the December issue of Candy with Kristen Stewart on the cover. She plays Bella Swan in the movie.
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