Why We Want ChiQuin For Got To Believe's Ending

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Feb 28, 2014
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We have this dilemma. The latest episodes of Got To Believe are making our hearts break. Remember when Joaquin uttered these words?

"Pag tinalikuran ko si Christina, masasaktan sya. Pero pag pinili ko naman si Christina, masasaktan ko rin si Alex. I feel strongly about Chichay, pero hindi naman ibig sabihin na hindi ko mararamdaman kay Alex yun."

Watch the teaser for tonight's episode below if you don't know what we're talking about.

Don't get us wrong. Pedro is a great guy, and Alex is a lovely lady. But puh-lease, Chichay and Joaquin are meant to be together. They're perfect for each other.

We hope the heavens hear us out. We're crossing our fingers. We're willing to do cartwheels, even voodoo dances and rituals. Please just let them be together in the end.

Hear us out! Here are the reasons why we think they should:

  1. They have been through a lot already.
  2. They could bridge the gap between their families. Everybody's going to be happy.
  3. Their love is real. Joaquin's willing to be with Chichay even if his mom is against it. Chichay broke up with Joaquin, so he can get a surgery and live. At such a young age, they know what they want and they're willing to sacrifice anything for it.
  4. They are willing to go to great lengths to prove their love for each other. Go back to previous item.
  5. It is just so wrong for them to end up with another person. Just no.

I hope the writers of this show hear us out. Pretty please let them be together in the end.

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