Here’s Why Juliana Gomez Isn’t Keen on Joining Showbiz or Beauty Pageants

by Cass Lazaro for   |  Sep 19, 2022
Image: Instagram/julianagomez
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Juliana Gomez, the gorgeous 22-year-old unica hija of Lucy Torres and Richard Gomez, made it clear that competing in beauty pageants is not her cup of tea, despite the several nudges she’s getting from some netizens.

In an interview, she said, “No, I think to be a beauty queen, it takes a different level of skill and dedication. And those are things I don't possess.

“I do respect it and think you need to have an insane amount of talent to be able to win but I don't think that's something I can be good at. Maybe I have the height but I don't have the body type or the determination to do the things that they do or work so hard for.”

The young athlete, who has previously competed at the SEA Games, is also quite adamant about closing her doors to showbiz, seemingly rejecting the notion that she’ll follow in her famous parents’ footsteps. “Even commercials no—I wouldn’t know what to do If I were to be in a commercial. I think I’m very awkward in front of the camera, especially if it’s for a video. I can’t act also.


She added, “I always said that if I were to join showbiz, [it’s] to direct, to be behind the cam. That’s why I wanted to take up film.”

But goals change, and as of now, Juliana is more inclined into working on a different path, given that she’s taking up public administration at UP Diliman. She previously opened up that her parents are the ~chillest~ when it comes to letting her navigate things on her own. “They allow me to fail, they allow me to figure out what I want to do,” she shared.

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