James Reid Reveals That He Quit School Because His Classmates Would “Sell” His Photos to Other Students

"Every time I come to school, people would like, scream."
by Yssa Cardona   |  Nov 11, 2022
Image: Instagram/james
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It has been over a decade since James Reid left Australia to build a life in the Philippines where he got his big break in showbiz through the hit reality show Pinoy Big Brother. Unlike most celebs, however, the singer-actor didn’t exactly ~plan~ to be an artista. In fact, he moved to the Philippines so he could start school.

“When I first went [to the Philippines] when I was 16 to go to school, I lasted like a month, because I looked so different from everyone else in class,” he shares in his interview with Fun With Dumb, recounting his experience with former students who would take unsolicited photos of him in class. “It’s not even bullying, I just felt so awkward. Some kids would take photos of me and sell [them] to the other kids. Every time I come to school, people would like, scream.”

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In the same interview, James revealed that he didn’t know how *famous* he really was after being declared as the PBB Big Winner in 2010.

“When I came out of the show, I thought that I could still do ‘normal person’ [things], so I did go to the mall and it was a huge mistake,” he says. “I got trapped inside a store because of so many people outside, and security guards needed to create like a ring and just put me in the middle of that ring to get to the exit.”


However, James admits that his PBB stint was one of the reasons why he started falling in love with music, especially after he was asked to perform alongside his PBB housemates. “I was 17 years old, I had no idea what to do with any of this, but they would make me tour around the country [with the winners] of the show,” says James. “I started doing these shows, and then I really fell in love with singing and performing.”

Now, he aims to focus on his music career and has already established his very own record label, Careless Music. Look how far you’ve come, James!

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