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Why James Reid and Nadine Lustre's Stars Say They're Made for Each Other

This Scorpio-Taurus love match is constellation-approved.
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Whether you're into astrology or not, there's no denying the absolute star power that James Reid and Nadine Lustre possess. We consult the constellations and figure out what exactly makes this high profile couple a match made in heaven.

Water + Earth: The couple that chills together, stays together.

Every sign of the zodiac can be classified into one of the elements—fire, earth, air or water. Nadine, born October 31st 1993 is a Scorpio, carries a water sign; while James, born May 11th 1993 is a Taurus, which is an earth sign.


Water sign folks carry traits that water embodies—they easily go with the flow. They're highly attuned to relationships and connections with other people as well—that's an important part of their lives.

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Those born with an earth sign, on the other hand, are pretty solid, down to earth and stable. Think of the saying, "two feet on the ground"—that's someone who's got a firm grip on reality, who can be stubborn but unshakeable.

Take the combination of someone who's emotional and flexible plus someone who is rooted and doesn't flare up or get angry too easily, and you get a couple that can readily adapt to each other. They're chill in that they don't get caught up in heated arguments, but rather can talk things out without losing touch of their emotions.

Patience + Passion: They've mastered the secret formula to making love last.


Scorpios are known to be the passionate dark horses of the zodiac. They're so entrenched in their emotions that they can take relationships to a really intense level when they're in the mood. Not everybody can take that kind of depth and mystery, but Taurus folks can totally handle it. Patient and unfailing when it comes to riding things out, they'll answer to all those deep and long conversations that passionate Scorpios will want to have, years after they first get together!

A dependable Taurus will give way to a Scorpio's persistence; so petty squabbles are easily avoidable.

Trust: The most important part of any relationship? Covered.


A Taurus is known for his innate loyalty and attentiveness, but when attentions are showered on to someone else, jealous Scorpio can read everything wrong and things can go up in flames. Thank goodness for Taurus' being extra deliberate too—they don't do things without a second thought, and if they know that being extra nice to someone else is going to make intense Scorpio upset, they won't even start. Plus, Taurus' serious nature means that they won't stand for any jealousies—serious or not!

Ace Attraction: They're going to be crushing on each other for a pretty long time.


Even if Taurus and Scorpio may have the potential to be similarly chill, their infatuation for each other takes form in different, but equally intoxicating ways. When serious Taurus first meets magnetically attractive Scorpio, he's instantly hooked—unlike him, she's fascinatingly deep and mysterious.

On the other side of the fence, when Scorpio meets Taurus, she'd rather keep herself a mystery and find out everything she can about him instead. She'll ask all the big "life" questions, will be curious about his background and everything about him, which can be incredibly flattering to someone who sees himself as pretty practical, like a Taurus.

Take those two personality traits together and you've got two people who won't ever tire of getting to know each other more and more.

Opposites attract: Literally on the opposite ends of the zodiac, Scorpio and Taurus balance each other out.


Despite their chill façade, Scorpios, being water signs, carry a lot of emotions and feelings beneath the surface. When things get a little too intense, they may experience bursts of unbridled emotion, which can be shocking to everybody else on the zodiac—except for Taurus. Taurus is an expert at knowing how to calm people down, whether they're ecstatic and super happy, or are in the dumps and anxious or sad.

Taurus folks are built on logic—they like things logical and rational. Scorpios, on the other hand, are super attuned to their intuition. Their gut is likely to play a big part in their decision making; and while Taurus may think that that Scorpio makes moves that don't make any sense at all, their patience and ability to ride things out often reveal that Scorpio's high performing intuition leads them down the right path.

A mix of right brain and left brain, yin and yang, these two signs combined can equal extreme success that mixes intelligence and intuition.


In focus, all the time: These two "fixed" signs of the zodiac are on the ball 24/7.

In astrology, fixed signs are those that carry impressive manifestation and staying power. Taurus and Scorpio are two of them (the others being Leo and Aquarius). When this power couple comes together and sets goals for themselves, they both are equally determined to get things done and get things done right. When working together, nothing can distract them from their goals, which inevitably leads to all-star success.


When working together, nothing can distract them from their goals, which inevitably leads to all-star success.

Resource:; "Playing with Symbols" by Monicka Clio Sakki









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